Monday, December 7, 2009

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Mariah came over for the day on Sunday and the girls headed outside as well.

Fred ran the girls around the yard. Now this one hanging off the back of the machine DOES enjoy hamming it up for the camera. Probably my fault. I'm always snapping pictures of her. :)

Temp in the 30's .. 15 days away from Winter Solstice .. 19 days to Christmas ... 11 days and all my children will officially in the teen years.

Have been lax on the job list again for the past couple weeks. It is up again. With menus. Yesterday we tried something new from the Rockford cookbook. I would much rather the family tells me if it is worth making again. This was in the category of: Make it once a month but not every week. If you're interested, it is called Turkey and Dressing Bake on page 83.

I said before that I'm not doing the traditional Christmas cards this year. We're going to the Cyber Card. I don't know how I can get the Christmas message to everyone on our list, but we're going to try. The challenge is that we still need a picture. When are we going to do that? Must be on a weekend as it is dark when I get home and I really don't want the morning sleepy eyes in the photos.

Am really hoping to pick up a few Christmas gifts this week and call that department good. The boxes went out in the mail on Saturday with the exception of one that needs an address. Our Palmer post office has quite the line. That happens year round unless you manage to hit it just right. At Christmas time, the line of people runs to the back of the post office. I have a little satellite post office where I like to ship things from this time of year. Doesn't help if you have to pick up a package, but no line worked very well for me Saturday.

Oh! I also had an eye appointment at WalMart on Saturday. I got there 30 minutes early and found out that my insurance contracts with people other than them and that an exam would cost me $80. Not. I said Thanks and left. Went to Alaska Eye Care to see if they would take my insurance and they will. Appointment set for January 9th ... the day of Michelle's wedding! Must be more than just the needing reading glasses. My head is starting to hurt from the eye strain somedays. We've been fortunate so far to have none of us needing spectacles.

I must go shag a child or two toward the shower. Happy Monday!

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