Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Tia!

I think I understand how the youngest always stays the youngest. We would like to capture the innocence of youth and preserve it ... as long as possible. We'd like to keep them from experiencing all the struggles and triumphs of life that make us who we are today.

Today we celebrate the official start of the Teen Years for our youngest. Well, we really aren't celebrating it today. Today it is happening. Sunday we plan to celebrate after the Sunday School program. Should be enough weekend to make me a zombie on Monday ... but it'll be fun!

I have so many wishes for her as she starts these fun, but most challenging, years of her life. I hope she always stays as bubbly as she is today.

And ... it doesn't matter if we're still celebrating her 60th birthday many years down the road (if we're around to celebrate with her) ... she'll still be our baby. I don't think she minds too much. It comes with it's own set of perks. :)


jodi said...

Happy Birthday Tia! Wow! Now mom has life with all teens!! Fun

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Tia! wow, I can't believe she is a teenager! That just isn't right!! It's just wierd looking at the pictures you post of grown up since when you left here! She is beautiful!