Saturday, December 19, 2009

The time says 10:21 a.m.

Why does life have to run by the clock? Or why do I make it do that? The clock is now shrieking 10:21 a.m. at me. I'm an hour late on the schedule this morning. :(

I got up bright and early. Is 7:00 on a Saturday bright or is it early? It certainly wasn't bright outside and it didn't feel early. Got the pulla dough rising, laundry sorted and started putting ice candles outside to freeze. I'm tearing apart a wreath to add to the ice candles. I'll try take pictures later and show you what I'm doing. Anyway, I was on ice cream bucket #3 when the power did the flicker and shut off thing. I really didn't have time for a power outage today. Not only did water running for ice candles stop, but the pulla dough! Have you ever baked it on a grill? I felt around for a lighter, lit some candles, got me a headlamp and went scavenging downstairs in boxes. I got these nifty candle holders in the things from Martta. I knew they were down there somewhere. Whew! Found them and we had plenty of light around here. Jari got up and stoked the woodstove. I started wondering what I could do by candlelight. Mind you ... my eyesight is post 40ish in age.

Here's what I came up with. I cleaned my purse, started going through receipts and hauled out the weeks' worth of mail.

And the power came on. Yippee!!

So now the mail is sorted, the pile of bills is horrendous, the money supply certainly doesn't equal the bill pile ... creativity must flow today. The pulla is nicely rising. I'm off to pick up the last 2 Christmas gifts and try find something to wear to a Christmas party this evening. I have the black pants and shoes. That part I'm good with. It's the top part that is the problem. Topless? Kind of cold out there at 4 degrees ... and I do have to work with these folks on Monday. Wish me luck. I detest clothes shopping. I really do. It is miserable. Especially when you HAVE to find something. And in the interest of economic feasibility ... it has to be all purpose. It must work for the Christmas party this evening, the Sunday School Program tomorrow, Christmas Day church and the wedding in Minnesota.

Gotta run or the pulla is going to flow over the edge of the bowl before I'm home.


Anonymous said...

Today I bought a pair of gray slacks (Can't believe I ventured away from black!) and a black sweater with some gray/white designs on front for the sunday school program, Christmas Church, Nikki's wedding, and Michelle's wedding! Sometimes wish I was blessed with oodles of money so I could have a closet-full of options! Oh least I have something to wear, right?

Anita said...

I'm going completely black. The black top piece I bought isn't exactly the same shade of black as my pants, but so be it. It'll work! The all purpose outfit. Change the jewelery up a bit ... maybe. :)