Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I hear water running

I'm still being thankful over here. This view was gone by late Saturday afternoon. The trees are bare for the most part. When I poked my nose outside this morning I can hear water running. As in melting. Not as in anything else. It is quite balmy out there.

These photos were last Saturday. I love it. Snow. Snow. Snow. This morning I hear that 8 to 18 inches are expected west of the Parks Highway. I don't know where that is. I don't think it's here. (I'm a bit directionally challenged.) I'm sitting here thinking about it and coming to the realization that it may not be headed here at all.

Us girls went to Tia's Winter Concert last evening. It was a mix of the choir and bands. Many times through the evening I almost pinched myself. First of all, we all stood and faced the flag (with hats removed as per band director's request) while the choir sang The Star Spangled Banner. The concert itself was excellent. Aren't they always? It could be the 4th grade band and I'd call it the same. I love them all. The choir with handbells started with a Christmas song. Yes, it actually had the words "Christmas Bells" in the song. Then they went on to a song they sang in Hebrew for Hanukkah. There was a piece from the Russian Orthodox Christmas that was done by the band. Mixed in with those 3 were many others including Old Dan Tucker. The concert ended with a combination of band, choir and audience joining in 3 Christmas carols. It was splendid ... and I left my camera at home. Really need to find out when the High School concert is. I really should go.

Life in the house of teens includes things like this. The griddle got pulled out on the countertop last night about 10:30ish. Anna was hungry for grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I declined her offer. Others obviously didn't. I couldn't believe it. There was nearly an entire loaf of bread on the counter all buttered when I went to look. 4 sandwiches for Blayde, 3 for Anna, who knows how many for Brock. Any guesses as to whether the last of the mess got cleaned up or not? Too bad we can't just hook them to the feeding trough while they sleep. :)

Alyx was home from work on Sunday with a gut ache ... and still home yesterday from school. Today it is Tia who this morning has a stomach ache and feels pukey. This is getting ridiculous.

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