Sunday, November 29, 2009

The weekend

Where do I begin?
We started the online shopping at midnight like I told you in my last post. Ronda clued me in to blackfriday[dot]com and I was lost in cyper shopping land. I really don't need much, but found at least one thing that I was excited about and thrilled to be able to add it to my gift giving pile ... without hitting a store and standing in line at 5 a.m. Because, I'm sorry, but no gift is worth that. I tried it once. That was enough for me.

We did hit a few stores on Friday. Fred Meyer for the sock sale was high on my list of places to get to. Where do socks go and why don't they last forever? The nice wool ones are just not cheap. And I like cheap. I'm the girl who expects the $10 toaster to last 100 years or more. See what the problem is with the socks? We got our fill of socks. I'm sure I could have picked up more. Already wishing I had grabbed more black ones, but so be it.

Chapstick? Maybe this was overkill. Maybe not. Winter is here. The season of dry skin, dry lips, dry everything. We're good to go in the lip department.

I think we were home on Friday evening. It's been a few hours since then.
I played with the sewing machine over the weekend. I may be a wee bit silly in my wrapping this year. For the few things I'm sending ... some of them involved a sewing machine for wrapping. Worked on them Saturday as well ... and yesterday I packed boxes. I have one more to go that needs shipping. Packing tape? I'd never remember that so I could just be done with it all. By Saturday they will all be in the mail. That will feel good.

Christmas cards are a big thing in my life. Receiving them is big. I save all the photo cards and sort of scrapbook them into albums. It is so much fun to take them all out at Christmas time and see how families have grown and changed. Only once have I not sent out cards. And this year may make it twice. I'm already feeling major guilt about it.

Have photos to share with you from Friday's snowfall. Just not today.

Ham and scalloped potatoes are in the oven and nearly done. We need to leave for Sunday School Program practice in 30 minutes ... and I should shag a napping teen off her chair so she can get ready.

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