Tuesday, November 17, 2009

As Thanksgiving approaches ...

I'm joining in with other to come up with things I'm thankful for ... post your comments with your Things I'm Thankful For and join me.

This picture was taken on Sunday. From that date, only 36 days until Winter Solstice. Wow!

Today I'm thankful for a hubby that is not working out of town. He got 2 cars running today and replaced the plug on my car. (I sort of disassembled that this morning). Router got replaced on the computer. Runs a wee bit faster today. Still having problems with uploading photos to Facebook, but I'll get there eventually!


Anonymous said...

Today I'm thankful for friends:) Tiff is in town, so went to the park yesterday with her and Michelle, and coffee last night with those two and Andrea. Fun...but I'm paying for it today! Didn't get to bed till about 2:30! Sierra and Alani spent the night, and the girls are all having a ball together.
wonder if I'll be able to squeeze a nap in somewhere today!?


Anita said...

I'm beyond jealous. If you see her again before she leaves ... give her a great big squeeze from me.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking this evening in the
Square listening to someone tell
about their pain that I am thankful
that I'm fairly pain free. That
shot of a lubricant into my knee in
Sept. has even kept my knee pain
free. Being without pain is some-
thing to be thankful for. So I have to take a fist full of pills
but that's o.k. dk