Monday, November 9, 2009

Thankful for Saturdays ...

Home made bread to cut and put in the freezer. Thaw some at each meal for dinner. Aaah. Yum.

Working out in the yard. The guys around here finished insulating the cabin (remember the water line got done several weeks ago), moved the ramp to the front of the cabin. It use to go off the side. I figure this is the way the two who live out there can get inside when they're injured after winter sporting activities. We'll just wheel the wheel chair up the ramp (shucks! left that in Phoenix too!) and dump them in! Might help with the mud in the spring as well. Landscaping is still somewhere in the future plan.

Thankful for the new grill on the deck. Will see how this serves us over the winter. When summer comes the grill can move down and outside ... making way for peas again! Jari is going to close in one side of the porch temporarily for the winter. Keep the wind out and maybe keep the grill cooking! Salmon on the menu for Tuesday.

Thankful for the newest set of wheels around here. This little thing is quite sweet. Has less than 100,000 miles which is an extra bonus. Good gas mileage I'm sure ... and something other than the Tahoe for the kids to get around with. :)

More yard cleaning and a blaze to boot. No wind on Saturday (another reason to be thankful) so part of the pile got burnt!
The firebug himself having a bit of a break for lunch.

While the girls took their picnic out to the tramp. Note the clothing has become a little heavier in nature. No more "just" sweatshirts ... now we've added jackets and even hoods.

A moment or two of burning up a little energy before a long afternoon 4-wheeling ride. Tia's still complaining that she's aching from that. Someday we'll have a nice warm way to soothe aching muscles. Just don't know when that might come into being.

Thankful, always, for friends. They share our joys and trials. They share our tears and laughter.

Thankful for a beautiful day! We had more company on Saturday evening. Bronte Paski and Ben Skoog came to visit for the weekend. Matt joined us for dinner as well. Good times all the way around.


Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle looking at these pictures. I just got done posting pics on my facebook of trina playing outside in the water in her diaper! quite a temperature difference between here and there! but I am ready for some cooler weather...still has been too hot to really enjoy the park yet even!
The car looks great! What a relief to have another set of wheels! enjoyed the pictures...miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Fun to see the pictures. It makes me want to have a bonfire.... may have to do that tonight if we get done cutting up my deer early enough.

Anonymous said...

Always love your pictures. Still
hope the water line didn't curve up
too fast so it would freeze at that
point like ours did.

Congratulations on the deer, Heather. Anyone else get one. dk

Anonymous said...

So cool car :) How much did you pay it in Alaska? It should be very cheap car! It spends really little fuel. I would buy this kind of car if I found a good one.


Anita said...

Sami - we paid $1,300 for the car. It should get very good gas mileage. It is fun to drive! :)