Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Wow!! My internet this morning is just clicking along like it use to. What's up with that?! Thank you!! I haven't managed to clean anything more off my computer lately ... don't think that is the moment's miracle cure.

How do these weeks just seem to get busier all the time?

My day usually goes like this:  get the kids up in the morning (someday they'll be using wake up call service like I did for a while) for school, hang out on the internet for a bit, hit the shower, dry the hair, start the car, fix the hair, head to work. Spend my day either laughing or crying .. this week it has been the laughing kind, thank goodness. Home to make dinner. Have been teaching the kids to make dinner lately. This week kind of got messed up as the salmon wasn't thawed on Tuesday. One little monkey wrench just throws off the entire weeks job list. I'm telling you. It's challenging. Usually shut my eyes for 20 minutes after dinner and then move to the next thing. Haven't felt like doing too much of anything after dinner. Sometimes just living life can get to be a bit draining. We may be living our Alaska Dream, but life along with all of its speedbumps came along in the crates. Last night I picked up Alyx from work at 11:15 pm. Thank goodness she only works 3 miles away. See why I need that nap? I don't function well with no sleep.

Tonite I should be heading out to a ladies night. Will see if I feel like going or not. I know it will be fun, but once again it is Friday and my energy tank is getting close to empty. Not red lining this week ... just getting down there somewhere.

Last night we popped over to see Kevin & Renae's little love. Oh. My. Gosh. It has been a long time since I held such a little person. I did take pictures. Went to upload them this morning and the camera shrieked "change battery pack" at me. Hoping to get them on here tonite. She is quite the little love! Was a frank breach baby ... best case of frank breach they've ever seen. That means not only was her head upwards, her toes were there too. She's apparently good at scratching her ears with her toes. I know I grumbled when the kids were up all night. When I was so tired I couldn't see straight anymore because I rocked 2 or 3 babies all night long. I know that. But ... to have a baby around again. Almost dreamy.

Off to a Friday at work. Then a weekend coming up. Jari is bringing in the Tahoe today to get an estimate from Alyx's accident. Don't think anything is wrong with it, but we'll find out. Tires are getting changed today. We've been trying to get all the mileage we can out of the set we have on there now, but spinnning up the hill outside the driveway just isn't doing it for me. It's doing it TO me. May as well use the good ones. We'll put these bald things back on again when the snow is gone.

Happy Friday!!

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