Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home from work today

and wishing that I had a few hours stacked together where I could whip up some bread dough and actually get it baked. Maybe if I get creative.

I am the world's worst job list maker. I am horrible at getting it up and then wonder why nothing gets done. I'm trying again this week. So far so good.

Another toughie for me is getting my kids into the kitchen to learn some dinner making skills. We all learned somehow, usually with grease splattered, hamburger flying, twice as many dishes as really necessary and triple the time. Patience. I asked for a bunch of it and added dinner making to the job list. My goal is simple. For the moment I want each kiddo to be responsible for certain meals. Then we'll work on adding more. Maybe we'll eventually get to the grocery list and having them figure out what they are making. When I hit the White Sauce Making Class part ... you'll know it. Today is Wednesday and I'm cooking. Monday was Brock. Tuesday was Anna. Thursday should be Alyx but she's working. Do you think I can survive through Tia making Mexican Curry for dinner on Thursday?

Today we play the Dentist Game. Move Child A from school to dentist (with minimal gas usage 'cuz I'm driving the million miles to the gallon VW). Move Child A back to school. Burn up 45 minutes. Pick up Child B and transport to dentist. Return Child B to home. Pick up Child C and motor to the hygenist. Return. You get the picture. If I'm on the ball today ... I'll leave my novel at home and take along Sunday School lessons. I'll read and prepare the next 6 weeks worth and then not have to worry about them for a while. In the middle of the driving to and from I might even remember my camera. These pictures are driving me crazy. I really have some that I need to get for you ... and we're suppose to see snow the end of the week. If I don't hurry the "look" will be buried.

Outta here. I'm getting frustrated this morning because internet connection the public library isn't fast enough to access my account. What's up with that?? Can't download a book to listen to as I wander around here picking up stray socks, washing left over dishes from last night and cleaning out photos on the computer. Cleaned off the computer Desktop the other day ... my computer runs a wee bit faster. Time to hook up the Mac but what do I do with all the stuff on this one!? And I mean lots of stuff.

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