Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Really, it's Wednesday.
But it may as well be Friday.
4 day weekend is here with much to get done in the next not too many hours. But I'm thrilled. Will be much fun. Time with family. Stress free time with family. How's that? I could use some.

Today ends another chapter in our lives. It's all about chapters isn't it? The clothes pin waiting for the next seasons laundry. Another chapter begins and comes to a close.

Tonite we are without our foreign exchange student. That chapter of life has been closed. He has left with his luggage and will be boarding a flight back to Finland early Saturday morning. It has been an interesting experience. We have met a very talented young man. Some of his finer qualities could rub off on all of us. :) He is very dedicated to anything he attempts to do. Let's hope we all learned from this exprience and will grow in some way. We send him home with our best wishes and know that God directs our path through this life. He hears our prayers, even those that we cannot utter. He has a plan for all of us. That our lives crossed paths with Samuli, even for a short while, was of God's design.

Off to start Thanksgiving dinner preparations. Pie crust is thawing. Strawberries are thawing. Shoot! Forgot the rhubarb! Turkey is thawing. Vegies are half chopped for stuffing. Heather thinks I'm a bit nuts, but I really do iron my linen napkins. With starch. I need to go find those. Table is covered with Christmas stuff. Have done a little bit of that this week. Feels good to try and accomplish something in that direction.

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. Faith. Health. Family. Friends.

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Anonymous said...

She listed the things we have to be
thankful for. Here is something we
personally are thankful for. That
Isä left Erie Mining Co. when he did as those who stayed lost all
their benefits. And thankful that
he never did get hired at EvTac,
Fairlane Plant, even though his
application was moved to the top of
the list by Dayis for at least 6
months, and it was so close to home. Heard from Bonnie Bohne whose husband worked at EvTac that
they all lost their benefits also.
So we are thankful that he got on at Minntac. God has a wonderful
way of leading out lives.