Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday

It looks like I may just assail you with photos.
One every day.
Then again, probably not.
This is driving me crazy. I'm typing and the photo keeps moving to the right of the page. Minor issues.

I have a fabulously ridiculous picture for you.
Not this one.
This one I snagged on Sunday.
I accidently wore my work shoes home and needed the shoes that I'd left at work.
Really, to be honest, I needed the worn out Dr Scholls inserts from inside the shoes.
The older I get, the flatter my feet get.
The flatter the feet get, the more the arches hurt.
And Sunday ... snow, cold and all ... I was wearing heels ... and my feet needed those inserts.
Would you go for a drive on a sunny day without a camera?
I'm getting better.
It went with me.

I'm guessing that no one is renting space at this place right now.
The thermometer has dipped and I mean drastically.
-18 on the way home from Liz & Leroy's last night about 11 pm.

Ken & Maureen were here this weekend. How fun to see them and get to visit with them. Oh, we miss you AZ folks something furious sometimes. Maybe lots of times. Especially when we get to enjoy your company when you come and visit.

Friday evening I went to a Ladies Night. Super duper fun with yummy food and great company. Maureen's first question to me was, "How can you live in this cold?"
Good question.
Today ... I'm thinking about checking on airline tickets to Phoenix for February.

Just kidding.

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Anonymous said...

WHY ARE YOU KIDDING???? Book that ticket!!!!! You will be needing to thaw out something fierce by then!! Believe me, we miss you too!! And you are not forgotten by all the folks here, I am asked often how you guys are doing!