Friday, November 6, 2009

'Twas the night before the party

The household was a buzz.
The vacuum was running,
the mops were a swinging.
A trip to the grocery store mom did take,
the boys ran to shop so that burgers could be made.
Anna has tired of barbeques of seafood and fish,
she's invited folks over for Friday and
burgers are her wish.
From Alyx some flowers to brighten the day
when sunlight has turned to dark and the family still plays.

The boys came on home with a grill for the cookin'
and through the instruction book they even did some lookin'.

The oven at 350 warmed the house up just right
while we started the baking of cholate and white.

Noodles were cooling for crab salad to make
I'm starting to drool as crab salad I taste.
Next come the cupcakes with left over dough
not one to waste much .. to Bible Class Wednesday they'll go.
Taytekakku was baking tho' it may not be her choice
the rest of us would love some if given a voice.
A moment on the porch for a quick break I did take
to see my poor cakes crossing the room ... making a break.
This one was home from school and spied the pile
Just had to steal 'em back before he made it the mile!


Anonymous said...

The crab salad sounds good. Perhaps that will be my request when we next drive to Palmer! dk

Anita said...

Drive???? No. No. No. Wait for Sun Country deals in June and September ... you could come twice!