Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sunday afternoon

we hung out for a bit and played some games. Samuli wanted to play Scrabble and so we did. Great way to learn some more English for him! Ben joined in the Scrabble game to be the scrabble [dot] com person. :)

Before I'd sit down to play, though, I hopped in the car for a few minutes and ran around with the camera. Could have stayed out there all afternoon just watching the clouds make the mountains have a whole new appearance every few minutes. It no longer looks like this on Wednesday. It didn't look like this on Monday morning anymore either. So glad I went when I did. We woke Monday to at least 4 inches of snow covering the ground.

Beautiful! What else does one need to say?

And just because I was trying to play with the camera indoors ... and trying to work on manual lighting and holding a camera still ... my baby girl.

The kids are off school today for Veterans Day. I got to sleep in an extra hour which was totally appreciated. Thank you Veterans. Most importantly for your service ... secondarily for my sleep.

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