Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mailbox prizes yesterday

I ran to the post office yesterday. Part of the usual Saturday routine around here. No more running to race my dear hubby to the mailbox when the letters came raining in the mail chute.

In the box of goodies from Mummu was this telephone. Made for great fun on Saturday. Tia has never dialed a rotary telephone. "Why do they have numbers on them?" Society changes, we change along with it and never even realize that there are such simple things that our kids will never know as being a part of everyday living.

The bread was certainly "flat" bread. The pulla delicious. Thanksgiving preparations are tucked here and there. Thanks to Fred Meyer for the free turkey. Still need to go get a few more of them. They may not be free, but they'll be turkeys.

The temperature has warmed up but not enough that I can't use my outdoor refrigerator. Gotta love this time of year. Count the blessings for even the little things. Such as left over pizza that doesn't fit in the fridge, but certainly keeps cold outside.

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