Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday I was thankful for ...

mailboxes that bring us things other than the usual bills. ($800 in medical bills and $35 insurance reimbursement ... somehow that just doesn't equal out to my benefit.)
So, maybe this was at one time a mailbox.
Now I just like it.
It is totally nonfunctional.
Although, maybe it does serve a function.
When I was a young 'un, I had this umbrella that I took to the end of the driveway to catch the bus. I remember pitching it in the ditch when the bus came. Wasn't going to be caught with one of those in my hand. Not cool. At all.
This "mailbox" is a dropping spot for my kids now.
Tia told me the other day that she shoved a pair of socks in there.

Will have to go and look.
Maybe there are multiple pairs in there.
Maybe the pair she put in there is multiplying and I have my own little sock industry going on.

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