Sunday, December 6, 2009

I rarely have any pictures of my boys ...

I don't know what it is about them, but they just don't like to ham it up for the camera.
That's probably one of the reasons I run around taking pictures of snow on the trees. Go figure. Brock let us get a few this weekend. Aren't these kids just something else. Grab an old snow machine ... a tow rope ... a snowboard ... and you're good to go!
One kiddo to drive the sled and the other to watch the rider behind. You'd think they've had some experience at this!

Someone was talking about beautiful white yards of snow the other day. It certainly isn't happening over here. We look like we've got a race track going on in the front yard. :)

Today they were at it again. Weather was a bit warmer out there and the snow is getting nicely packed from all the driving. Brock got 2 old machines from someone who was pitching them. They certainly won't go up a mountain, but they'll work around here for ditch banging.

We certainly need some more snow to make some decent jumps around here.

The headlight gave me great chuckles. Gotta love it. Especially when it gives me shots like this one!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brock. Looks like a machine you can sit on the seat instead of just spending time under the hood. Neat.