Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

I'm still here ... just been a wee bit busy. Anna got a camera for Christmas and no longer want to use mine. My updated photo supply has drastically dwindled. Our week in review:

Wednesday evening I hauled up the sewing machine to the dining room table. I was planning on finishing a project that I'd started. At least starting to finish. Haven't touched it since then, but did sew a few feet anyway. The kids must have gone ice skating or something ... I think it was quiet around here. (Having issues with remembering much of anything anymore.)

Don't you love people with the balance of a cat? Jari hooked up speakers up there from the computer. Now I can sew and listen to an audio book at the same time. Sweet! Anna might not agree ... means that she needs to take her book and go elsewhere if she's trying to concentrate. I love it.

The kids have spent their break skating their feet right off. It has been good. Having a driver who wants to skate and brings others along has been quite a treat! I've not skated once this year. Haven't been to the rink once. They have gone often! Good and healthy activity to burn up some energy.

In other activity ... we got the Wii for Christmas and it has been a hoot. There is a good reason I'm not putting a picture of me on here! My concentration was quite intense. Now we would really like the Wii Fit for the next thing on the list. Hopefully before next Christmas.

The New Years celebration has come and gone. We spent New Years Eve at Oj's and had a fun time. I had this silly notion that I wouldn't be called in early to work on New Years Day after staying out late. The notion was extremely silly. I asked for it ... and I got it. I wanted to work at least 10 hours out of the 24 I was on call. I did 14.5 between Friday and Saturday. That tells you what I got done on Saturday. I was home for 3 hours at one point ... and managed to get bread dough into pans for Anna to bake, got 2 batches of Friendship Bread baked and filled the dehydrator with carrots for Jari to snack on. He's as bad as the kids. They eat apple leather as fast it dries .... he eats carrots as fast as they're done. Me? I eat Friendship Bread as quickly as I can!

George Koivukangas was here over the weekend. Had a discussion on Saturday evening and then he was here for laaate evening coffee. Slept in until 10 on Sunday morning and then filled the afternoon with service activity. Jari did a bit of running last nite after dropping kids off at Haps and then joining them. I stayed home. Wedding gift for next Saturday is complete.

This week looks like: the dinner menu is planned, it is the first day of school after break and everyone is awake, we've already started the car juggle that will exist for the rest of the year, suitcase to pack, mail pile to sort through and I don't want to look at it ... so I'm not!


Anonymous said...

George wanted to see our Alaska
pictures. Now he won't have to!

Anita said...

Hmmm ... who are you?

I'll try and do a better job of getting outdoor pictures. Problem is that the sunlight just doesn't agree with me during the work week! :)