Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guess what I'm doing?

This is the only Saturday out of 5 in a row that I am guaranteed to be home. I have lent out my wheels to the kids, put comfy clothes on and am staying put.

  • Pulla is ready to hit the pans
  • Laundry baskets are nearing empty ... now I need to sort the rest of it, but the machine is spinning!
  • Receipts for 2009 are cleaned out and ready for the burn barrel
  • In my cleaning of last years paperwork I also found receipts for 2008 ... all of them ...  every trip to Walmart and Fred Meyer. (I think there may be something wrong with me.)
  • Two more piles of paper stuff to go through today
  • Have a presentation for next weekend that is sitting on the kitchen table .. printed. Now to go through it today and see what to do with it!
  • Back to Sunday School teaching tomorrow ... I think I did a few lessons sitting at the dentist office a few months ago ... better check
  • Thermometer says it is 28 degrees outside. The sky is covered with clouds, the wind is rustling the trees, the heater is on.
  • Listening to an audio book by Dana Stabenow in the middle of my filing
  • Jari is spraying foam today :)
  • The boys are off at Hatchers
  • The girls are heading off to go skating
I wanted to share a "Never Do This" learning moment from last evening. We had Haps over here and I was making brownies before they came. I'm quite fond of doubling a recipe and putting it into a sheet pan. So I did. I doubled a recipe of Brownies for a Crowd, greased my nice big sheet pan and slid that bugger in the oven. I got busy swabbing up a bathroom real quick and started smelling something. Hmmm. Went to take a peak in the oven and had a serious OH MY GOSH! moment. The brownies were bubbling over the edges of the pan all over the bottom of the gas oven. As I was freaking out just a bit (after coming up with a solution to start scooping it out of the pan), I realized that I hadn't added flour to the mixture either. 4 cups of sugar, 1 cup of butter ... ugh!! Cleaned out the oven the best I could and started all over. Different recipe. Two 9x13 pans. Hot oven. It was quite a haze in here. Whatever I hadn't managed to wipe or scrape out was burning quite nicely. Doors and windows open ... eventually it cleared out around here ... was rather scented for the rest of the evening. Brownies turned out good! Lesson for the day: if you double something and put it into a shallow pan to bake ... make sure it is BARS you're doing, not something cake height.


Anonymous said...

anita, that sounds like me and kelsey fredrickson! we had called my mom for the brownie recipe she uses and then went to work but kelseys bright idea was to double the batch! we did, put it in the cookie sheet and set the timer..a while later we smell something burning and the smoke detector which is 10 ft higher then we are decides to go we run to our oven and at 2 or so in the morning, we see that we have a fire in the bottom and our brownie mix is all over the oven! its fun to look back and laugh at the frantic trying to get it cleaned up -debbie

Anita said...

Not so funny when it's happening, tho', and the house is filled with smoke ... company coming ... still need to make brownies! Glad I'm not the only one!