Friday, January 29, 2010

Game days and evenings

We have probably played more games this winter than any other that I can recall. We received quite a few of them for Christmas and have had a lot of fun with them.

Our newest addiction is Monopoly Deal. Buy it in the game section at Target, or anywhere else, and it'll be almost the best ever spent $5.89. Being as I haven't been outside snapping pictures, have been too busy doing other things to be capturing crafting pictures, figures I'd share a few of game evenings.

Okay, well maybe I was just snapping a few of the boys last night. One needs a haircut in the worst way ... the other finally has some! Everything else has been neglected around here, but the game has been fun.

Wednesday evening we had a slight stove pipe problem. All of a sudden there was smoke coming into the house from the wood stove pipe. Hmmm. Jari climbed up there yesterday and cleaned it out. Sounded like it looked like the ingredients for a rip roaring chimney fire. The learning curve continues. Ought to be circling the entire earth before long!

Friday morning once again. Work today and then Home Services this evening. Baby shower tomorrow, a fun group for late lunch/early dinner on Sunday with a photo shoot of sorts. Looking forward to a few moments of puttering around here over the weekend. Maybe clean a nook or two. Maybe even, hopefully, make it to the library so I can enjoy an audio book while doing a bit of scouring. Maybe I'll manage to get outside for a bit!


Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for a good audio book? We are planning a road trip and may need something to pass the time.
~ Joyce

Anita said...

Hmmm ... with little ears listening? I found that even Louis L'Amour gave my little people nightmares. Will have to think on that one.

Anonymous said...

We found James Harriet to be a good one. The younger kids might get bored with it, but it has the advantage of being appropriate for them to hear. Another advantage is that it doesn't have to be listened to sequentially to be enjoyed. Thus, if mom falls asleep for awhile, there is no need to "catch up" to enjoy the story.

Anita said...

Great idea! I've not read any of his except for the Children's Treasury and have thoroughly enjoyed that one. I'll have to pick up some of his for a road trip. Thanks for the tip!