Friday, January 15, 2010

While in Minnesota ...

we had the Bridal Breakfast at the Bridal Breakfast at the Olde Maine Eatery in Elk River. (I know ... I already told you that.)

I took a little stroll down the street and crossed this one ....

walked past this little shop that I could spend oodles of time in .... (note the CLOSED sign)

had it been a nice 70 degree day, this bench might have been quite inviting. At 2 degrees ... it looked even chillier.

Down to view the Mighty Mississippi which was absolutely beautiful!

I even found a bit of artwork on the way back up to everyone else.

So ends my Minnesota trip pictures. Unless I decide to scrapbook an entire page of Miss Kathryn ... who is such a pleasue to catch in a lens.

We had a wee bit of a birthday celebration for Jari last night ... hence the 2 pieces of cheesecake. Time is marching on the birthday department around here as well! He was in Anchorage yesterday and had quite the drive home in traffic and ditch diving vehicles. Not a great way to spend your special day.

We have snow!! A dusting to cover all the yuck from the wind. A dusting to cover the ice on the road. A dusting to entice me and skis out to the yard. After 30 minutes of that I decided that we could use another several inches. :)


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Jari!

Anonymous said...

I purchased two rooster plates from
that Antique Shop. Got home,
wondered why I didn't take the 3rd one so called Becky to please go and get it for me. She did.
I liked the booths in the Main Street Eatery.

Joni said...

Some familiar sights! Except the artwork - I guess I've never ventured down by the river in Elk River - just admired it in passing. It was fun to hear about and see the pics from your trip!

Anita said...

Too bad we can't be there next summer. It would be fun to toodle through the shops.