Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Visits in the middle of the night

First of all, let me preface this by saying that we probably shouldn't have cordless phones in the house. They end up everywhere. Lost most of the time. There are 4 of them that seem to wander around and occasionally make it to the charger. Last night one of them was on the bed with Miss Tia. She must have pushed some of the buttons. I wonder how one presses them in the correct order to get this kind of response.

Jari woke to hearing the buzzer go off. We have a visitor detection device outside. Tells us when someone is coming up the driveway because we can't see it easily from where our windows are. You really have to go and look ... usually out the front door if you really want to know. Anyway, the buzzer sound was followed by a long low growl from downstairs. The growl he recognized as being attached to this guy.

He may be so big that folks think he can't move, but the meter reader knows he can. So do we. Jari went to look out the front door and saw two guys walking up to the house. Good thing Jari saw them before he did. I woke to Jari calling me to come out and bring his wallet with me. From a dead sleep it takes a minute or two to realize that the State Troopers are standing in your entry way at 12:37 a.m. Apparently, sleeping child must have hit the 911 buttons on the phone. They called back and she said she had made a mistake in dialing, but they came to check anyway. All other bodies accounted for at that hour. No signs of distress anywhere. And a nice compliment (at least I consider it that!) from law enforcement who said "you are really hidden back here". They had walked up the driveway. Yup, that's the way I like things. I was really wondering what would have happened if Jari had not heard Duke and if he would have had access to his doggy door last night. The outcome would not have been good.

Not half an hour later, Anna bursts into the room saying that someone was in the kitchen making a sandwich. She thought it was Blayde, spoke to him, got no response. By the time Jari got there, the apparition was gone. Crazy or not, we are firm believers in ghosts. I really should have gotten out of bed, grabbed the camera and headed for the kitchen. Maybe I could have gotten a picture of something other worldly.  Denise, I hope you didn't pack your "friend" in my luggage when I left. This might get sort of interesting. Makes for great photography attempts!

Being as one couldn't sleep anyway, I may as well have the other problem of late. I need to do a serious vacuuming. Oreo really likes Jari ... she's much more partial to him than I. However, her dander is not my friend. I finally relented when Tia wanted the kitten the other summer, saying she must stay outside. In she came ... she was much too cute. Now that she thinks that the greatest place to hide is under my bed ... breathing is sometimes becoming challenging. Monday morning I got up feeling like I had extra swollen tissue around my eyes. For about the last 2 weeks it has been getting challenging for me to take nice deep breaths. Now what!!?! At least hubby has developed a good case of insomnia. If I quit breathing ... let's hope he notices.


Anonymous said...

Anita..i don't think Denise sent George along..he's still happily roaming our cozy home at the times he when your home alone! :) but maybe he packed up a friend or relative of his, then he may vacum for you! maybe you had heard about when i was babysitting and the vacum turned on?...hopefully if thats the case for you, it won't be at an odd time in the evening! good luck to you all! ;) -debbie

Anita said...

Heart be still. The house really needs a good vacuuming right now. Wouldn't that be just sweet?!!