Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The older I get ....

This sort of stinks. The older I get the few productive days I can string together. What is wrong with this picture?!

Last night I worked on this and am to the point of ready to press and add batting ... which I don't have. Cleaning is a good thing I've decided. One of those goals I had before Fred comes back was to clean out the closet underneath the stairs. I did and found a nice size piece of the denim backing I like to use for quilts. Yes!! Tonite I'll move the sewing back down to the basement as it won't be touched until after I come back from my trip to the arctic. I have this idea for several lap/throw quilts and I can't start them until after this one is done and gone. Motivation is a strong thing.

 While I was busily sewing last night, Jari was canning up some salmon. Problem was that

one of the jars broke in the pressure canner. You cook these things for 90 minutes. So for 90 minutes the stench of cooking salmon (and mind you, I love salmon) was pouring out of that little ol' steam spout on the pressure cooker. Thank goodness the weather outside was palatable because the smell inside was not ... and the doors were open.

Other than canning salmon, fixing cars and doing whatever else it is he's been doing ... the man of the house has been nibbling all my dried carrots. The dehydrator hummed all day on Saturday drying out carrots ... and I think he's eaten them all by now. Next time I do this I'm going to watch how many pounds of carrots I can fit in that thing ...

Things could really be worse .... he could be digging into the fudge or something like that!

Onward march in getting ready for travel. The big quandry was to take the Navy (and this one is REAL Navy) pea coat that looks nice with dress clothes ... or to take the jacket I reserve for sub zero temps. If I was staying at home I would probably go for the pea coat. But being as I'm heading to much chillier places ... guess I'll go with the warm one. So much for fashion. Just remember where I'm coming from. The place where folks are comfortable having an outhouse as long as they have a snowmachine and a motor home parked in the yard. By the way ... I think that Yahoo weather is wrong ... Tarja just told me it is much chillier up there. Time to haul out the bag and start packing. The delicate cycle is done on the washing machine ... time to dry those things. Need to find some music and get copies of those in the "to go" pile. Can you tell I'm getting just a tad bit excited. I'm hoping and praying that the weather is nice enough for folks to travel. I so much want to see everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Have a fun trip to that FREEZING place called MN!! If you see my sister Kari, say Hi! Happy travels :) Alisa