Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Growing and changing families

I believe that living far away from families has its benefits sometimes. Not often, but sometimes. Most times, it is amazing when we get together to see how much has changed. We get to meet new generations and I love to watch people. I watched Becky & Wayne waiting for their grandchildren to arrive from the airport on Saturday morning. They hadn't yet seen the newest addition to their family, their grandson Michael. It was like watching a young child wait for Christmas morning. I didn't get any pictures of my nephew John, Michael's uncle, who was very adept at stealthily taking a baby to hold.

Abigail is the oldest of their two grandchildren. She didn't like me very much. My goal was to get her to smile at me before I left. I don't know why she is smiling in this picture ... it was a one time thing. She was quite leary of this auntie. Maybe the grin has something to do with the fact that she's surrounded by her YOUNG aunties and plunking piano keys.

I also got to meet Taryn who came from Arizona for the wedding. We did get to meet her via webcam the day she was born and have seen her quite a few times the same way. This was her first time meeting her Grandma & Grandpa. She is one smiley little gal and we can certainly pick out which family she belongs to!

Time just marches along. Siblings become grandparents, parents become great grand parents and sometimes .. siblings become parents when they never thought they would. That would be the miracle we call Heidi. She has 2 dimples on her right cheek that are just adorable and beg to be nuzzled. She giggles at barn animal noises and loves Daddy's John Deere hat.

The clock of time marches right along. It doesn't stop, just keeps adding moments that are to be treasured and once in a while, I am fortunate to capture one of them. Two generations separate Ellen and Michael. What a blessing to be surrounded by people who love us ... even if for brief moments in time.

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Anonymous said...

Anita - you sure have a gift with words and pictures. I loved reading this blog entry. Thanks for sharing ... and as always, I wait for more updates to read and pictures to look at.
~ Joyce