Tuesday, January 19, 2010


the world is covered with white crystals of frost ... and by the time I got home to get a camera it would have been too dark to head out to take pictures. I have some beautiful ones
somewhere or another. I just don't know where at the moment.

Life is about learning, isn't it? Then there is the learning where you don't dare ask a question because it sounds ridiculous to ask. Why does that feeling never end? Do you know that this frost has a name? When someone first called it what it is, I couldn't imagine how it was spelled and the name just conjured up the wrong spelling. I had to come home and google the word to find out what it was. And learn I did. According to Wikipedia ...  Radiation frost (also called hoar frost or hoarfrost) refers to the white ice crystals, loosely deposited on the ground or exposed objects, that form on cold clear nights when heat losses into the open skies cause objects to become colder than the surrounding air.

Seriously, our world is beautiful at the moment. Covered with the beautiful frost. At least it was earlier. Now the wind is blowing. Temp was up at about 30 degrees yesterday, down to 5 this morning, up to 28 again today ... and the wind started blowing. Will see what it looks like tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Keep adding to a list of words for
next year's family puzzle. What I
added yesterday: What is the most
beautiful thing about winter in the
north country? Answer: Frost. It was beautiful here also and has been off and on for days.

We'll see how many remember that
next Dec.! Mom

Joni said...

I have also been enjoying a frost-covered world in the past couple weeks. We have a great view of frosty trees thru kitchen window - I mean, it has been majestic, in my mind! And to say that of back-yard winter scenery!! I've tried to get a couple pics on our non-professional camera, but this ol' computer isn't accepting any pictures these days. So I can't prove any of this ... :-)

Anonymous said...

I woke up to frost yesterday too. Except that when I looked in the backyard again 5 minutes later, the tree was literally steaming and huge drops of water were falling off every branch. It looked really cool. How I love the AZ sun! I guess that means you have to be up early if you want to see any frost.:)

Heather said...

I love a frosty morning.. oh yeah and a frosty everytime I go by Wendys... :)

Welcome over for doughnuts. I got them made last night but only one batch as my flour is gone... will have to get more.

Anonymous said...

Heather mentioned donuts. Can't come that far for some but this is
Thurs. morning and the Sr. Center
has the best donuts and coffee for
$1. If there is time will go there
before Isä's eye exam at 10:00.
Hope we don't have to run to St.
Cloud re our computer. Ran there
twice Mon. and twice yesterday.
(To bring and then retrieve)

Anonymous said...

Mom, I may not remember "frost" for the puzzle, but... the question is... will you? ~ If you remember to include it and us kids don't remember it, then your memory is better than ours. :)

Frosted trees are beautiful! Had fun snapping some pictures of the trees that I see from my balcony.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Wish I would have been able to drive around some yesterday to take pictures here... we had a tornado touch down around the 101 and Hayden, a tent from Barret Jackson flew onto the freeway, heavy winds all over town, five inches of rain in some parts of the valley, power outages all over, sedona was being evacuated due to flooding, flagstaff was pretty much shut down, freeways in and out of town were closed, mudslides...crazy! Worst storm we've ever had since I've been around! Fun!

Anita said...

I've been following azfamily[dot]com and watching pictures. Oh my gosh. I found it interesting that someone said there hasn't been water like this (at least in the Salt River) since 1993. I remember that one! We were living south of the river bottom and the new Mill Ave bridge, that was in the middle of construction, couldn't stand the rush of water. Have been enjoying the pictures!

Anonymous said...

We got a bunch of snow and I really need to get out and get pictures of it before it comes off the trees. Freezing rain and then snow makes for beautiful pictures... I love it when the sun is shining on it, but not sure that I can miss work to make that happen :)