Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a Saturday!

I started the day with paperwork. One kiddos tax return is done and indicates a nice refund. Yippee!! Another W-2 and I can do the other one. I've not done my own for a few years now, but am waffling. It's a boring tax year for us, for the most part, and am seriously contemplating doing my own again. I know the economy stinks for everyone. It stinks for the accountants as well ... but it really stinks for my household at the moment ... and I'd rather put the accounting fees into the refrigerator or freezer instead. Maybe I'll try it. Will see.

PFD's can be filed online and I can't find where I put the user name and password. When did life become something that can't nearly be lived without user names and passwords?! I have an address book that is JUST for that purpose. The page under "P" has paypal ... no pfd. The state doesn't recognize my email address either. Go figure. Would have been nice to get that little thing done .. but I gave up.

Had a baby shower to attend at 2 pm, so I high tailed it to the library with 3 minutes to closing, picked up an audio book to listen to while I clean and quilt ... and headed to the shower for a fun afternoon. I was one of 3 winners for the game guessing at prices of baby gadgets and gizmos. That was fun! How on earth am I suppose to know that a package of hair barretts costs $4.84 .. my baby is 13 years old?! Maybe some sanity reigns in this world. I learned that hair barretts cost more than finger nail clippers. :) According to some legend or lore, the giver of the 7th gift the mom to be opens is suppose to have the next baby. Me?? Medical miracle and spiritual intervention is what that would be! It was a fun day. I remember going home and putting everything away after my baby shower. She had a lot of lovely things ... I wonder if she's sleeping yet this morning ... or still putting them away!

Home to start cleaning. Can't hear the book and clean at the same time. That drives me nuts. It makes cleaning so much more enjoyable. Clean I did. Put a big roaster of scalloped potatoes and ham in the oven and hit it. Rearranged and cleaned the living room. Pantry got cleaned. Outside porch got cleaned. Front porch done. Under the sink done. Front bathroom thoroughly cleaned. Scrubbed the top of the stove (somedays I seriously miss my glass top stove). While I was cleaning and grumbling that I couldn't listen to a book, Jari started downloading it to the ipod that never gets used. Life is going to be grand. Problem is that I think everyone would really enjoy the book! My hips were hurting so bad by the time I was done that the bed was screaming my name. Played some Monopoly Deal, dropped off a car at work for Alyx to get home ... and hit the hay. Days with much accomplished just feel so good!

In the middle of my cleaning, while dinner was baking, the phone rang. I hear Jari say, "she's not available" and then he's handing me the phone. Silly me. I tried to win a free pair of Ugg boots off FB that I've been coveting. In trying to do that, I registred for umpteen million things. Now I have coffee coming from Gevalia, books coming from Doubleday ... and I managed to win something from Baby To Be. Babies must have been the order of the day yesterday ... and I'm so looking forward to a free subscription of Baby Talk magazine among other things. What a hoot. :)

Now we are on to Sunday. We have a houseful of folks coming over this afternoon. Time to hit the grocery store and see what we can manage. Big pot of salmon chowder is on the menu ... and I found some brats and dogs in the freezer as well. Should be fun!

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