Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remembering these days quite fondly

"These days" would be the ones where you could buzz through the car wash real quick like and have a nice shiny clean car afterwards. Most importantly, the windows would still roll down the next day and not be frozen shut. :)

Am I running low in the picture department or what?! I was cleaning out the photos on the computer this morning .. okay, so this wasn't one of them ... I just happened to run across it. :)

List for today:
  • Trip to Walmart for things like the newest book in a series of books that I adore .. something to read on the plane
  • A notebook for something I'm working on ... couldn't find one I liked. (should have gone to Target instead)
  • More shampoo
  • A new bag with wheels that isn't ripping at the seams
  • Pack clothes ... probably too many now that the bag is much bigger than I need it to be and I don't want things flopping around in there
  • Find a backpack for things to take on the plane
  • Mutter at the new pile of mail that came from the post office today ... thought I did so good getting through the pile this week
  • Take a nap
  • Step on the scale ... I'll repeat that one in the morning as I didn't like the number this evening
  • Wing another load of laundry through the washing machine
  • Find a pair of decent looking boots ... didn't manage that one. My "little" boots are a serious pain in the neck (or foot) to put on and they drive me absolutely nutty. Ugh. Oh well ... will just wing it.
  • See if I can listen to the last 30 minutes of my audio book while I sit here and type!
I'll be back next week! I plan to have a wonderful time playing with family and hope to come back with a bunch of photos!


Joni said...

Hi Anita! Okay, I now get to enjoy reading your blogs again! I've looked back a little bit on your past blogs and pics - I really need to get into the blogging, too. I'd be a great diary for the kids eventually! I've written just a teeny bit blogging, but no pics, and no style to it.

You're heading to Mn ... give greetings! Are you going for your niece's wedding? Maybe I heard it's in January ... ?? I should keep in touch about details on what's going on there a bit better. It's a funny feeling even how many family functions/details I catch wind of later. I'm not complaining - we're living far away, and I don't expect to be kept up on every detail.

Well, enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

It's now Sunday evening and I know you won't be home for a little while yet ... but I'm excitedly waiting to see pictures of your trip (especially the wedding). I was hoping to make it to the wedding but that didn't happen.
~ Joyce