Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm home!!

The long weekend was super fun. Saw nearly all of my family and many friends. The wedding was beautiful!

Headed straight to wedding rehearsal at the church from the airport. The pianist for this song and the singers did a wonderful job ... all sisters of the bride. They sang when the moms walked into the church at the wedding.

The bride was calm, cool and collected ... the groom did a fabulous job as well ... including the duck tape on the tux vest. (And y'all have opinions about Alaskans?!)

On to the Bridal Breakfast on Saturday morning at Olde Main Eatery ... delicious!

Grandma Kuoppala and Grandma Randall ... first to order ... last to eat ... but worth the wait.

The bride back from getting her hair done ... and off to Target to pick up a few things. Would have been a hoot to be along with her in the store ... still in her pajamas. :)

Aren't the socks just fabulous?! They actually wore them. Legs were warm and no one the wiser. :)

My pictures are absolutely horrible. I took very few and the ones I did ... I'm not impressed. Here is the one that is the best I got and it isn't anything for the wall. Biggest problem is we're missing the groom!! This would be the Randall family!

In the reception line ... holding Michelle's niece Heidi.

The bright side of family photography is that I know where the good pictures are ... and where to get them. So ... patience is the name of this game. Once 2remember studio has the pictures up ... I'll let you know. They'll be fabulous like always!

Gift opening on Sunday afternoon took quite a while. They were blessed with much.

I do have a few more pictures ... and I'll share them ... just not today. I just had a serious flashback of not too many years ago sending this young bride some little summery outfits I'd sewn. Wow. Time just moves right along.

Special thanks to the bride's family for making it possible for me to attend. It was certainly fun to be there. Enjoyed the late nite (maybe sometimes a tad bit ridiculous) visiting, seeing how everyone has grown and matured, the older ones turning into the most delightful young adults. Thanks for the picker upper lunch at Applebees. We all need those through this life.

Becky ... I've decided that I agree with you. Traveling plumb wears a person out.


Anonymous said...

Our children put words together so
nicely. Wish I had some of the gifts with which they were blessed. Yes, it was a beautiful wedding, the weather could have been a tad warmer. I wonder what the reasoning is for having to
type in the word verification?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading these two posts...it was so fun to be there for the wedding, just wish we could have stayed a little longer! The cold didn't bother me all that much, and coming back here, it feels hot!! Vacation does wear a person out, and now my sister Amber is here until Friday, so I still have a few late nights ahead of me!! Oh well, maybe if Frans has Saturday off work, I can sleep in then:) I will let you know when the pictures are up and ready, but it will be a few weeks yet! Fun to look through them now after the wedding!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reliving the wedding and surrounding events via pictures and posts. Thanks! What a treat to have family with us...