Monday, September 28, 2009

Energy ... bring it on!

My department director asked me this morning what I did over the weekend. "I took several naps" was my response. Maybe I skipped all the other stuff I did ... the naps sounded good. She doesn't nap. She was a busy beaver. I did offer to take naps for her anytime she needs them. How generous of me, hey?

I don't know what is wrong with me, but seems that I've picked up a second wind or something. Sunday I was in the mood for pasti for dinner. So I made 3 of them (pie size) instead of one. Two went into the freezer. Ching! I see sewing days or something like that in my future ... with good dinner breaks ... and more sewing!

Today I thought about a nap after work. I'm really very good at those nap things. I didn't take one. Instead ... I started puttering. I took my cd player (borrowed from a kiddo) into the master bathroom with me, hit the play button ... grabbed my spray bottle and attacked the ceiling. When we redid the bathrooms, the main bath was completed. Ours was not. Hopefully this winter it will get done. In the meantime we have a problem. We didn't put a fan in there and the moisture collects quite nicely in the shower section of the bathroom. There is a wall dividing it from the rest of the bathroom. It is a wonderful place for things to grow on the ceiling. Not anymore. I scrubbed that bugger clean. It looks so nice! I couldn't get every single spot off ... but I did some major improvement.

Then I think I moved to the plants on the porch. Not ready to give up all the flowers yet ... but all the other pots got dumped. Flower pots (the ones that I emptied) got washed. Ahhhh. Another check off the "get ready for winter" list.

Jari is leaving tomorrow and the weather is getting chilly. Off to drain the water from the 5th wheel. That's done! We'll cover it all with a tarp when he comes home. I still want to move some things out of there. Would hate to bury all the sleeping bags out there and then not be able to use them if we need to for extras. Found a bonus out there. Boxes of Ziploc bags, tin foil .. things to add to the pantry. Even brought in the tea pot. Am thinking it might get some use with hot cocoa evenings once the weather cools a bit more.

I don't know what posessed me next, but I was looking at the living room and thinking that maybe tomorrow I'll rearrange that. Why wait? It's done. I think I like it. The entertainment center is much too large for our small room, but I have no other options at the moment. I think I might like to move it out to the cabin at some point and use it as a clothes storage device. No closets out there and it makes it fun living out a laundry basket and suitcase. I really wish Ikea was the in the backyard ... or even shipped. That might be kind of handy. Gonna have to be Craig's List when I find a big enough rock with some green under it. The camera is leaving tomorrow as well ... will have to wait for pictures of this one. Must be back into that nesting instinct again. I've sort of been missing it!

What on earth am I going to do without a camera? A person gets mighty used to having that sitting around. Snap, snap, snap ... I love it! I'll be running around with my cell phone instead. The pictures on there aren't too bad either. At least I don't have to remember to adjust ISO on that thing ... not that I remember on the other one!

Enough of my prattling .... g'nite!

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