Monday, September 28, 2009

Joys, Sorrows and Blessings

I did try to get on the computer over the weekend .. kept getting interrupted in midpost and ended up giving up.

Friday evening we had our first Home Services in Alaska. I think they're scheduled every other month. Was so nice! Next time it's our turn at our home. We then dropped the girls off at Anna Siltala's to enjoy a birthday weekend of gal pal stuff. They had a good time for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning Jari and I headed into Anchorage to return a vehicle (our truck is back!) and so that I could meet the gentleman that Jari has been doing a lot of work with. Wonderful senses of humor with some parallels in our lives. We had breakfast at they Flying Machine Restaurant which sits at Lake Hood, the largest float plane "airport" in the country. Delicious breakfast. I'm kind of on a cooking strike. Not really a strike ... just have no great ideas of what I should be cooking lately!

On our way home we stopped and met this young man. A week ago we learned that Samuli is studying as a foreign exchange student in Kasilof. He would much prefer to be closer to believers and has been quite lonesome down there by himself. Alyx & Brock were out tootling around and ran back as well to meet him. I spent some time on Saturday filling out paperwork to be a host family for him. We're hoping that the school paperwork goes through and that we can pass any inspections/investigations necessary for us to host him in our home through the end of the school year. He is very gifted muscially (my piano hasn't been tuned in forever and sounds horrible) and is very active with outdoor activities as well. Let's hope and pray that everything works out well. The kids are all looking forward to having a partner riding the mountains at Hatcher Pass and hitting a puck around the ice on skates.

Today's technology just amazes me sometimes. We have web cammed (is that a word?) with him via Skype for the past week ... and have had frequent visits with his family in Finland as well.

Saturday evening I got to play. I call it playing. I'm sure Amber does as well. The church here is doing a fundraising craft fair sort of thing on October 31st. I've done a bit of sewing for the occasion (still have much more to do) and now we started making cards. We have a ways to go ... but every bit helps!

Sunday morning I woke to a phone call from Heini. We learned that Aunt Martta had reached her eternal rest during the night. What a blessing for her. Her illness these last months have not been easy for her. She has been able to be near family for the last short part of her journey here on earth. I'm so glad I was able to see her in June. She was still planning a trip here when I visited.

Jari will be going to Arizona at the end of the week to join the rest of his family. I wish I could go along with him, but am very doubtful that I'll be able to get time off work. We will have many years of sharing "Martta stories". There are many. I was blessed to be able to enjoy her in my life.

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