Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The long nagging issues are nearly done

Maybe we can figure out why he still doesn't feel like a million bucks. Maybe no sleep?

In the meantime ... he's on the Deans List in college ... and enjoying it most of the time. He's firmly entrenched in the world of computers and programs. Totally foreign country to me.

We visited the surgeon last week. The one who would open up his chest again should it need to be done. This one didn't agree with what they did a year ago in Arizona. Bummer. What is done is done. In retrospect, would certainly have been nice to have the go a little easier on Blayde, but God had a plan for him. I guess he wouldn't be up here and stuyding now had it not been for the hospital stint last summer.

Yesterday he had the "tumor" aka polyp removed from his esophagus. I haven't gotten to see him yet today. Am curious to see if swallowing has been any easier today than it was on Monday. Yesterday he was more than a little drugged. I brought him to school last evening and picked him up. Can't legally drive when medicated postoperatively. I just wonder if he remembered anything that he learned in class last night!

A few more steps in this road of his ... and we'll call it good. We can anticipate that the pathologist won't see anything unwelcome in the polyp. We can anticipate that the CT scan he's having tomorrow will show only good things. And ... then maybe a string of allergy testing to find out what it is that bothers him when he eats.

I'd really like for him to get a new pair of basketball shoes and start shooting hoops again. I'd like to see some energy out of this young man ... and I'd like him to feel good again. Maybe just having the nagging niggling doubt out of one's mind will do most of the job. It would for me.


Anonymous said...

where was this picture taken that he was all spiffed up?? nice picture!

Anita said...

Tristam did a photo shoot with him a while ago. They were really fun!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going well for him, and you can get to the bottom of his no energy issue. Not good for someone so young to feel like that. Say hi to all from us.