Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A gift for you today ...

Jeannette called the views on the drive up from Anchorage "eye candy". I think we can all agree with her.

Today I came home from work, got dinner into the oven, grabbed the camera and headed out teh door. These photos were all taken within several miles of the house. Some up the hill at the mailbox. Others on the road to the kids' schools. Some of the views may be the same direction, most are different ones. North. East. South.

Beauty surrounds us.


Anonymous said...

Awesome scenery. Leaves are changing in this part of Minnesota
also and the colors were beautiful in northern Mich. last weekend. But we are lacking the beauty of
mountains. Mom

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. You get a different kind of fall up there! We have beautiful 70-80 degree days and cool nights down here. But none of the awesome colors! Might have to head up to Flag to see some aspen leaves changing anyway.