Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo shoot of the day

Senior photo time of the year. Wow! It's been 5 years since we did this last ... and I wasn't behind the camera lens. This time we decided to try it ourselves. Being as I have a wonderful camera, the subject is very photogenic and I'm shooting digital ... we set out on a mission today.

None of the pictures I'm sharing with you are her faves. (at least not the ones she's shown me) We took 335 photos today ... here are a few!

We started off at the Matunuska River Park ...

and then moved on to the Mighty Matnuska itself.

That alone was taxing and we needed some sustenance for the next leg of the journey. Subway it was. Tia was along with us ... providing great entertainment. :)

Onward march up the road to the Knik Museum (Grandpa & Grandma know this place!) ...

and then to a lovely colored empty store on the KGB. Wonder how many folks saw us out today and wondered what on earth we were up to!

Next stop was an empty Little League baseball field ...

an empty piece of real estate with some fun orange paint. I absolutely adore this place ... would love to have some use for it. (Forget the fact that I can't afford it either!)

Problem with this place was that the yard was rock and we needed to traverse it to get to the next vacant fun building. Our workhorse Tia did a bang up job of getting the high heeled photo subject over to her next smiling opportunity!

Don't you just love old buildings? This area hasn't been around forever ... Alaska has only been a state for 50 years ... but if you look around a little bit and keep your peepers open ... it's there waiting to be found.

Four hours later ... bladders in desperate need of heading home ... we closed the door on a fun afternoon. I think we managed to accomplish our mission today.

... and we had a great time! Can't wait to see which pictures she favors most.


Anonymous said...

can't believe you are taking grad pics of Alyx!! I really like the last one and the one by the pink wall...looks like a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Oh girls..:) I love the pic of Tia carrying Alyx! I would have loved to tag along on that trip! Looks like you had fun.
I love the last photo!

Anonymous said...

The last photo is definitely my favorite. They all turned out really cute though.
~ Caroline

Anonymous said...

I like the pink wall and the one
where she's looking through the
window. That would be a good pic to go with a mystery story. Gdma

Anita said...

Okay, I'll be honest. None of these are my favorites. They're fun ... but not the ones I want on my wall. I like face shots for the wall. Maybe I should share some of those with you as well!
Gma: I really like the window one too.
Everyone else: looks like pink is your color!