Monday, September 7, 2009

My goal for this Labor Day was to labor ...

with everyone helping. I don't know where Blayde disappeared to ... maybe he never crawled out of bed. He missed out on the action.

We dumped our potatoes out of the tires. Hmmm. Did something wrong there. Next year I'll use the tires, but grow the potatoes in individual tires instead of stacking them. We had spuds in the first tire at the bottom. Nice ones. Don't know what happened to the rest of them. It was incredibly difficult to judge the amount of water they were getting as well. Live and learn.

The green house nearly sparkles. I'm still trying to coax tomatoes into growing. Healthy amounts of tomato food, plenty of liquid ... beautiful weather ... maybe if I keep my fingers crossed. I have about 60 cherry tomatoes on one plant. Does that count? Check this one off the list!

This little spot was my original goal. I would have been thrilled if this got done ... along with greenhouse cleanout and raspberry planting. The entire brown area surrounding these trees was full of all kinds of growing things that I didn't want there. I wanted to be able to just mow around the trees. Problem was that there were many large shoots growing off the tree on the right. So ... I called handy hubby over with the chainsaw and he made quick work of them. He also made quick work of the pine tree that was between these two trees. I'm thrilled with how it looks now!

Then handy hubby thought he should REALLY get some mileage out of that chainsaw. Give a boy a toy in his hand and you never know what will happen!

As eveidenced by this! The lilac bush in front of the house is rather thinned. Nearly to nonexistent. It may have no blooms on it next summer as next years blooms were already set ... and are now in the brush burn pile. The windows should see a tad bit more sun in the chilly months coming up soon. Another tree to the right of the stairs is cut to the quick ... the others royally thinned.

With lots of help ... it went pretty durn quick! Figured the next time I want a project done I'll round up the troops for about 3 or 4 hours. Promise them a 12 pack of soda and some good pizza when they're done ... and we'll be good to go!

Got a bit toasty working out there ... we all worked on our September tans!

Brock worked on his tan too .... and got all the raspberry bushes in the ground. I picked up a truck box full of raspberry plants this weekend. Some were small berries ... some incredibly large. I can taste the jam .... let's hope the berries do good next summer!

This critter should probably be next on the list, hey? Wondering what morning we're going to head down the drive and find our way blocked cuz it is really listing sadly. More so every day.
Was thrilled with our accomplishments today. The basement was organized by Alyx. :) My laundry pile is nearly gone. Yipee!! I gave serious contemplation to making pulla dough this morning and decided that it could wait. Thank goodness. Would have been fried at myself if I had added that to the list as well.
Anna even got her hair cut today! Poor girl has been waiting for a long time. Looks super cute on her. The salon had a comfy leather couch where I sort of took a nap while I waited. I didn't lay down on it ... should have tho'. Was really tired ... and afraid that I'd start drooling, snoring or something equally fun.

Ended our Labor Day with a trip to WalMart. 6 bottles of shampoo/conditioner, 2 different kinds of toothpaste ... you get the idea. We did find the good stuff tho'. Have you tried caramel apple candy corn? Give it a whirl. Color could change a bit but it's a whole lot easier than biting into the real thing!
Work tomorrow and what on earth am I still doing on here anyway?!


Anonymous said...

We compared your 5th picture with the one we took in June. Certainly
is a difference. Yes, you won't
get any lilacs in bloom next summer.

Anita said...

Hopefully I have some healthier looking bushes next summer. Some of them were so overgrown it was horrible! Too bad we didn't trim them as soon as they were done blooming, but oh well! Maybe the following year I'll have gorgeous flowers outside. :)