Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Temp outside this morning reads 31 degrees

May as well leave my denial behind somewhere and brace for the coming winter. Guess my tomatoes probably won't finish growing anymore hey? This weekends list will probably need to include things like:
  1. find all the garden hoses
  2. move all the summer stuff inside
  3. put up some nails to hang the waders inside so we can move the sleds outside
  4. finish emptying flower pots

That kind of thing.

I should have taken the camera along yesterday morning when I brought Alyx to school. The mountains are certainly dusted in white. Beautiful! Brock let me know when I picked him up from school that there is snow on the ground where we drop them off at Hatcher Pass. He's ready to play. The snowboard needs polishing, the skates need sharpening. Has a few snow machines to get running first. They're sitting in the garage waiting for moments of time.

In the meantime ... yesterday we had rain.

Leaves are leaving slowly ...a gust of wind here and there sends them skittering across the yard. Do we really need to mow the lawn? It's going to be covered with leaves soon ... and the lawnmower is malfunctioning. I've never had good luck with them. Why is that? This time I bought a warranty. I'm just getting a new one every year. :)

The view out my living room window on Tuesday.

I think I'm just rundown and beat. I slept yesterday like I haven't slept in forever. Steve and Jeannette came over visiting last evening. Fun to see them! They're here seeing new grandbaby ... who I haven't seen yet. Kids have all left to catch the bus and I should hit the shower sometime soon here. I'm really wanting to just crawl back into bed, but I won't. I'll just know that at about 5:00 pm my dinner will be in the oven, my alarm set and I'll be zonked for 45 minutes or so. I'll live for that today. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such gorgeous pictures!!! Ahhhh - simply stunning!
~Pam :)