Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kardemuma ... it's gone ...

now what am I going to do? Mummu has been supplying my cardemom forever. Will have to call and see if she has an overabundance stashed in the freezer. I'm out ... and pulla making just isn't the same without it. I did the pulla going nice and early on Saturday.

Jari brought home a few barrels. Needed a new burn barrel and this one got plunked on top of gravel. Burning trash is quite handy, I just don't like having the burn barrel in tall weeds. Something shrieks "forest fire" when we do that. It's usually a rainy day when we're burning and we do it safely, but stuff managed to accumulate. This is handy.

Then a trip to the grocery store. What a lovely sight in a parking lot, don't you think? I'd like some of these red leaves in my yard. Wonder what kind of trees they are. So I found the peaches and pears. Not as bad as the broccoli department but give me a few days. Sale doesn't end for another couple of days. Only got 14 pounds of pears and 12 pounds of peaches. (As I'm writing ... the dehydrator is full of pears ... and some folks around here keep sampling!)

After a stop at home for a while ... a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics. The camera was still with me. :) I should have parked instead of shooting out of open windows, but why not. It was a cloudy and rainy weekend. Not complaing. We've had heavenly weather the last two. Was a good reason to stay inside and play with material. This is one end of the new Trunk Road. The road right now is a mighty curvy one with slopes at corners that tilt the wrong way. Sort of a launch pad for ditch diving in the winter time. This will be super nice when it's done ... will even shorten my drive time to work by a couple of minutes.

The other end of this road is looking good too. I keep watching the white building tho'. It hasn't moved. At the other end we've watched churches moved, other buildings moved ... not this one. Toll booth? What a vista ... white building or not.

And the stop light. Who can resist a picture of a green light. Obviously me! It took the state a while to get all the lines painted. The lights were nonfunctioning for months while we waited for striping. I'm not sure I like this stop light here. Reeks of busy living these lights do. I'll use the other entrance to our neighborhood ... the one without a light. :)

Home to put applesauce dehydrating (it's already gone by Sunday evening and took all day Saturday to make) and then on to sewing. Fun stuff! Check out my new cutting board. I did have one before. Wasn't this large tho'. Worked great for cutting flooring. Yes, flooring. We used it to cut all the flooring we put in our house in Arizona before we moved ... and the cutting board was no longer functional when we were done. Amber found this one at a yard sale for $5 last weekend. I'm pumped!

So I did little things. Why do little things take all day long? How do people whiz throught quilts and whatnot as fast as they do? Some fun regular size hot pads ...

and my favorite. These long things with sripes and flowers and sort of hot pads as well. They are long tho'. Long enough to fit a large roaster with room to spare ... long enough to fit several pots on for serving. Family style. Love the idea and thanks to Torm for sharing hers several years back. (Takes me a while to get things done around here.)

These probably aren't going anywhere but my drawer. Home made towels ... but they are really thin. A bit thicker is needed and I don't know what kind of fabric to use right now. Will see what I can concoct. Really liked the color tho'. Tucked my sewing machine away at about midnight last night, but left the ironing board up. Have some more sewing to get done this week. Let's see if I can manage that or not. Aiming high!

This morning I had to run to the store to pick up a few things to serve coffee at church tonite. Walked by the meat case. Why don't I do that all the time? Note to self: start checking the meat case. Tia was a bit embarrassed that I was buying over 35 pounds of ground beef, but every package was $2 off. $1.60ish for ground beef? For sure I'm taking it all. Ziploc and I are buddies. Pulla, ground beef ... broccoli.

Fall is here. Came home early today and the leaves were flying off the trees. A breeze sends them skittering. Weather is still warm. We've had a few days where the air is nippy, but not many at all.
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to take my camera along with me someday to document the little things that make our all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ditto! :)
~ Joyce

Heather said...

I would love one of the longer hot pads. It's always frustrating to try put roasters somewhere. I have to admit that I have a sewing machine, but being honest, I probably won't pull it out for a while. Maybe this winter.... one can dream :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun day! Your picture's are so much fun to look at~:) I would've and have scooped up all the meat on sale! It just make's sense. Now I want to invest in one of those vacuum seal deals - wouldn't that be fun?

Anita said...

Someone offered me one at work. They bought a commerical one and don't use the cheaper variety anymore. I have to remember that! Plumb forgot! Can't wait to try some things with it. Might save a wee bit of freezer space.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where they get the commercial one's from? Do you know? I have never had one, so if you can recommend a good brand - that would be simply fabulous!:)