Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday nights

just aren't what they use to be!

Kids are at Haps. Fun for them. Alyx is zonked out. She let me know earlier that I need to help her with a speech tomorrow. Note to self: remember that!

It was a busy day. Highly unusual.

Started out with a pajama party. Sound like fun? Amber and Nolan popped over around 9ish and stayed 'til noonish. In their jammies. I was still in mine. Perfect! I finished my long hot pads while she was here. She brought some darling scrapbook pages over to share with me. We sipped our coffee and visited ... in our jammies. Fun stuff!

Then I made it to Jo-Anns ... again. I fear that I'm going to become a fixture in that place. I'm finally receiving the ads in the mail again. With the coupons. Yippee Yay! Picked up some of the goods for the next project! Craft sale is scheduled for October 31st and I need to get this stuff done and off my plate. I cut out 8 stockings this evening. Edges are all sewn together. Now I need to start playing. Need something to attach fun fabrics to the fronts. Some are funky modern, some will be kind of primitive country and others will be more like me. A bit of more upholstery kind of fabric mixed with deep reds. I'll share the goofy things when they're done.

This afternoon and evening we met some new folks. We hope we'll get to know them much better in the months to come. More on that later.

Now the clock has ticked itself past midnight. No new photos uploaded today. I did get another box of printed 12x12 pages in the mail today. My pile is growing!! I'll update photos here .. maybe tomorrow. Morning is coming sometime soon. My sewing is spread all over the dining room and it isn't going anywhere until I've slept a few hours tonite. Sunday School started last Sunday. I'm teaching a new lesson this year .. 8th grade curriculum with an 8th, 7th and 6th grader for students. Sometimes I can get a little frustrated with the extra jobs, but I really do enjoy it. It is fun to get a whole new curriculum to teach ... I've done 7th grade the last several years. I'll learn right along with them. So the point of all that was that I need to prepare a lesson in the morning as well.

And ... if tomorrow is as beautiful as today was ... I'd love to take a camera for a stroll. Probably a drive ... stroll sounds much more energetic.


Anonymous said...

More new folks in town? Fun for you!:) I was laughing at the blog in regards to needing wood in about a month..looks like your snow is going to start to fly on tues!! I shouldn't laugh tho, we are going to follow a close second here I think. We are supposed to freeze tonight and then mother nature is going to play game's with us for a bit with warmer days and cooler nights. I have a funny feeling that it is going to suddenly be very, very, cold real soon. We shall see:) I'm loving all of your sewing projects! I can't sew to save my life! I'm always impressed with someone who can~~ Have a fun week!

Anonymous said...

We went to Srs. Camp at Hasscib.
Frost Sat. morning. On the way to
the sauna your father went down. No
broken bones but is sore.

Sun. School sounds like Brainerd.
They are combining some classes and
trying to cover both ages. Mom