Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fair Day!

Got there nice and early today ... in time to park relatively close to an entrance ... and then stand in line anyway! The day was absolutely gorgeous ... couldn't have asked for better.

Breakfast of champions ... funnel cake ... and, no, we didn't share.

Time to get beribboned ... "hmmm ... how does this one look?"

We visited this juggler for several shows. He was quite the hoot with my kind sense of humor.
The winning cabbage ... might just be enough between this one and the next one, winner of a World Record, to make cole slaw for suvis!

The grower of the winning cabbage also submitted the next one! I'm amazed. It isn't your eyesight. The sign on it (though not very legible in the photo) does say 127.0 pounds.

Next ... on to the pumpkin. 500+ pounds. Am thinking it looks a bit out of shape ... but then again it probably ranks in the Obese Pumpkin Category!

Next to mine? Either my yard grows clover the size of rhubarb leaves or my pumpkin is a bit on the wimpy side.

After much sunshine ... much walking ... not too much eating (was rather impressed!) ... less money than I expected ... we ended our day with an equestrian show. Had no clue what we were in for when we went, but I envy their grace and balance. I am a natural born klutz!

Home for a nap ... and I still have a nagging headache at nearly 1 a.m. That sunshine must have done me in today! :)
Jari & Brock took off for work. Alyx wasn't yet home from work. Tia was crashed. I hauled out this machine. So it is really a Super Simple Plain Jane variety ... but sews nice and straight.

I got this idea from Torm's blog a while back. Mind you when I went looking for the original post this week, I had to go through about 18 months of her blogging. And can she blog! She had this awesome idea posted. Long hot pad/potholders that work for several hot pans or large enough to protect the surface from a large roaster pan. Have wanted to try them for a long time. Finally did! Took a pair of unwanted pajama pants (not flannel, but I'm sure it would have worked), some cotton batting and lightweight denim. (Sorry, Ronda. There went your quilt backing.) Buzzed up a nice long one just for experimentations sake ... and a small one just because. Will try the long one this week and see if I like it or not!

If they work ... I have plenty more of them to make. None of my kids will have any clothes left by the time I'm done "repurposing" things! Might make that laundry pile smaller. I think I was still on "Sort Laundry" from last week's job list. Still haven't managed to get that done. Aint' life just grand?!
Off to bed ... maybe this nagging headache will disappear somewhere into slumberland ... drift away on a cloud up to the harvest moon ... and I'll be swell tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed walking around at the
MN State Fair also. Knee surprised
me, it was my back that ached. To
sit down to rest back that's what
the knee did not like or to stand again.
Jotted down some sizes: In adult
exhibits, the winning pumpkin was
1,186 lbs. In the youth division the winning pumpkin was 430.5 lbs.
In the cattle barn, a brown swiss was being groomed for over all champion. She produces 120# a day.
Milk, 1 gal. = 8 lb.! A Holstein
produced 100# a day.
Did eat a gyro but not as good as
the ones at the Land of the Loon.
Also, too big so the wrap didn't fit well around it; messy to eat.
Had corn dogs also. Water to drink. Pa had a foot long hot dog
while I had the gyro.

Anita said...

Sounds like a fun time! What on earth is happening with your back. Maybe you do qualify for that "cash for klunkers" e-mail you sent a while ago. :)
Imagine all the ice cream I could make with 120# of milk in a day! My kids would be set!

Anonymous said...

looks like great fun!! We walked around all the booths at the courthouse in Prescott yesterday after camp, and we had funnel cake too! I would love to come to the fair up there, looks so much more inviting than the fair here!