Sunday, September 13, 2009

Did I say ... many posts?

I thought I could manage that. Guess I didn't. I did haul along the camera with me today in the car so I have pictures for you ... they're still on the camera.

So I did manage to get pulla made and it looks awesome. Why is that sometimes yeast does what you want it to and other times you wonder why you bothered.

The saran wrap worked in the dehydrator. Problem is that I think I had it too thick at the very edges and I may have to just give that part up. Great thing tho'. Now I don't have the excuse of waiting to buy more parchment paper!

Fruit up here is not inexpensive. It drives me crazy. Fred Meyer had peaches and pears both on sale for $1.28/# this week. Guess what I got? I don't dare look at the receipt to see how many pounds I bought. I think I'm going back for more. Need to wait a few days for them both to ripen just a tad. Then .... canning peaches if there are any left on Monday ... and drying pears. They are delicious dehydrated. (Maybe it's just that I love my sugar in compact portions.)

Got HOURS of sewing done today. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. I'm going to start taking a day off work here and there to just get things done that I can't get done in a normal week. Tough to get anything done when Saturday is the only day to do anything. Actually it gets very frustrating. Am thrilled with my progress today tho'. Will try and share some pictures tomorrow.

Made strawberry freezer jam. Thanks to Amber, I learned a wee little trick a while back. I buy the frozen bag of strawberries from Costco ... thaw the necessary amount of berries ... and voila! Strawberry jam that the kids devour. They're not so impressed with my currant jelly. Don't understand why. :)

It is nearly tomorrow already ... time to find my pillow! Hope your day was a productive one!


Anonymous said...

When we were getting pears from David and Jody's yard, made lots of
pear sauce. Gary's favorite dessert at the time was pear sauce
and ice cream. They had to get rid
of the pear trees as drew so many
bees the boys couldn't be outside.

Thought I finished sewing quilt blocks yesterday but showing them to Eva and confirring at Haps, have
to get more material! That's o.k.,
will bring these blocks along so will get a pleasing match.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wonder if the weather has something to do with the yeast. Just like it has to do with our joints!

Heather said...

I don't bake bread as I can't get it to rise. I was recently told that the temperature of my house is too cold. I'm supposed to cover the bowl with a heavy blanket after putting the bowl on a heating pad. I thought to myself.... really all that work for a loaf of bread that I can't eat anyway? I still go to the bread store :) Randy has been baking bread and Shawn devours the loaf the same day Randy brings it over. THANK YOU RANDY!!!!

Anita said...

Heather: leave the baking to Randy. If you do get in a mood to make cinnamon rolls or something, turn the oven onto warm and shut it off. Place your dough in there to rise. Nice and toasty ... without drafts. Works great.