Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday morning

These two trees are going to become the "most photographed trees" in our yard. We aim to add a few swings off them ... sometime in this life.

Sunday didn't dawn beautiful with sunshine .. it dawned with rain. That's okay. It felt kind of rainy inside here too. We have the sickies going around. Started getting a little paranoid yesterday that I ought to go get Tia tested for Swine Flu. She's off on the school bus this morning, tho', so I'm guessing she has what everyone else does. A cold, a fever for a couple of hours and the nagging headache. I have the nagging headache. I'd almost give my eye teeth to stay home today, but I know how much partials cost to replace the teeth. I'll go to work instead. Alyx and Anna will be home instead of me.
Tonite we get to go enjoy a concert! Tia wasn't able to be in band for most of last year as she was in a reading class that was during that period. Make sense? This year ... it is band! The band instructor has high expectations of his students and it shows at concert time. Let's hope she feels good tonite. We've done this before once or twice. Home sick the day of the concert. Go play your heart out in the evening and then come home and crawl back in bed. Teach 'em young. Do what you gotta do! I have never forced them to go ... they are the insistent ones. Wonderful stubborn creatures. :)
Well. Vacation is over. Have I been on one? Should have continued with my 30 minutes a day winter nesting. I wouldn't be facing the new dilemna here this week. If all goes well .... we may be hosting a foreign exchange student here shortly. Interviews and inspections soon to follow. Will let you know what happens. The kids and adults here are ALL excited about him coming ... all have met him via Skype ... and winter activities and plans are under way. All I can say is that God works in amazing ways. I have had my own share of prayers sent to him. So has the young man who will hopefully be with us soon. Looks like God connected the dots and paired us all up together.
It is time for the shower. I have chowed down a huge muffin while sitting here. 3 cups of coffee are down the gullet. (Forgot creamer at the store last night for Brock's coffee ... I have another one who drinks the stuff now.) Crockpot full of chicken breasts need to be moved to the fridge. I use quite a bit of cooked, cut up chicken in my dinners. I bought a bag of breasts last night and cooked them overnite. My family has been a bit hungry for those dishes that need chicken ... it's been a while.
My head has ceased to pound. Hubby is out rattling bushes today looking for to shake loose a moose ... or three. Three would be nice. There are three of them out there rattling around in the rain.

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