Monday, September 14, 2009

Nothing much new here today

Kids are tuckered out from too much weekend. So was I until I had my umpteenth cup of coffee this morning. Why on earth do we do this? Fill our weekends so full that we need Monday to recoup from it all ... and then we go to work! Ended up being a good day tho'.

Jari went hunting today and planned on spending the nite under a tree somewhere. The thought of someone out hunting by himself with grizzly bears in the neighborhood just didn't sound like a great idea. He's home for the night. :) Will try and do miles of mountainous hiking again tomorrow. Seems a little safer to be snuggled in the bed rather than having bear blasting guns in your sleeping bag. We do have dreams for the next phase of our life. It would be nice to see some of them come into being. Middle of the night meetings with grizzly bears just seem like they might muck up that plan a wee bit.

Today was absolutely gorgeous. I suggested taking our post surgical patients out to the parking lot, but nobody wanted to go for that plan. Hmph. Kind of like being a kid in school in the spring. I know this gorgeous stuff isn't going to last for long. I don't mind winter ... but I love fall.

Pressure cooker is busy on the stove. I really don't feel motivated enough to hit the grocery store for more pears, but I really should. Tia was calling them candy tonite. They are. Will be great for a snack for school, the car, the mountains ... I really need to go out and get some more. Maybe I'll skip the peaches. I canned 7 pints of pears and 4 pints of peaches this evening. I think we just love the peaches fresh ... the pears I'll work with.

Laundry is spinning. I should take a camera downstairs just to show you what a disaster a good size laundry room can be. It. Is. Bad. The bright side is ... it isn't going anywhere!

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