Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday musings

it's Tuesday! I forgot! Messed me right up this having an extra day on the weekend. Could handle that every day!

  • Master bathroom is cleaned
  • Laundry is done but for one load
  • Halibut is thawing for dinner tomorrow evening along with home grown potatoes (they aren't thawing tho')
  • I'm kind of crabby
  • The mail pile is much too high .. nearly heading over the edge of the basket that holds it
  • I need a day to just sew or something like that .. think I need a day off work .. during the week!
  • Kids checked out books on my library card and now they're overdue
  • Overdue books means that I can't finish listening to my audiobook downloaded from the library
  • I've only downloaded the same book about 7 times! They automatically disappear off your computer in 2 weeks. Can't listen if you have overdue books. Ugh!
  • Need Jari to get a libary card and just use it for audiobooks. He never goes to the library. That might work.
  • My bedroom is clean (well ... I should say presentable anyway)
  • Flowers finally got a drink tonite on the porch ... they were wilting ... gotta enjoy them while I can!
  • Should have made pulla on Monday ... sure would taste good right now
  • Made my Costco list. I really don't like going there. It makes me nearly crazy.
  • Pears, peaches and nectarines are on sale this week at Fred Meyer. They're on the list as well. I'm going to dry dehydrating them. Pears are scrumptious done that way and store for a nice long while.
  • Try grilling peaches or nectarines ... cut them in half, remove the pit, coat with a mix of brown sugar and honey, flop on grill and cook 'til browned a bit. Serve with ice cream. Delish!!
  • I s'pose I could go to bed. Maybe I'll page through a magazine for a bit and fix my attitude.
  • Tomorrow is Wednesday .. Hump Day!
  • That means that the next day is Thursday. The 2nd Thursday of the month. Monthly staff meeting at 6:30 a.m. It's always a great time. (I'm working on my attitude ... can you tell?)
  • Craft nite on Thursday.
  • On call on Friday evening.
  • Can you tell why I'm cranky? I really am going to hit that magazine.
  • Maybe I should go grill a peach instead. Or eat some candy corn?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a week to do nothing!:L:L Come on over - no agenda's for guests who stay at our place:)