Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last evening ...

we took a trip to Sears. I detest shopping. I detest spending money. However, I love clearance racks. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it? Mom told me many moons (and I mean MANY) ago that I'd never have any money ... I spend it all on a good deal. Maybe she was right. But what is a girl to do?

The goal was to find Tia something she needed for her concert next Monday. Jari needed some new jeans. That was it. Maybe 3 items. NOT 3 BAGS! But that's what we came home with. Maybe I overdid it. I was a good girl and had the poor clerk putting things in her "to go back to the shelf" box when I saw prices I didn't like. Not all the clearance racks were 50% off the lowest price. Sort of bummed me out. I thought I could get Joe Boxer jammy sets for $2.50 instead of $4.99. I paid the $4.99. I don't buy cute jammies. Sorry. But I did last night. We found all kinds of goodies. I am a little curious tho'. Clearance in September doesn't mean that long johns are on sale. It doesn't include great deals on anything that looks long and warm. Shucks!

It did include some great deals on Lands End shirts tho'. Might see these colors on me next summer. Might just go back for some more. They were a really good deal and my closet could use a new look ... black and brown are sort of getting old.

But seriously ... short sleeves?? Will have to go buy a tote before I know it!

Then on to this ridiculous purchase. A beach towel? I'm not likely to see a beach until my 25th anniversary. Why on earth did I buy this thing? 'Cuz it was cute? Maybe because it was huge and plush? Maybe because it was cheap? Must have been a great reason ... it just escapes me at the moment. (I just paid bills and looked at the checkbook ... all my reasons for purchases are eluding me right now.)

Anna brought me to the towels. Half off ... so I bought two of them. Should have got the matching wash cloths too. I'm going to tuck them away somewhere safe and sound. I have a plan for these towels. It includes a story. Don't they all?

So my story about towels involves this gentlemen, Bronte. (Sorry ... not a picture from the most recent visit ... and not the visit the story is about.) He came and spent the weekend. I was in berry picking mode. I was in jelly making mode. I was doing the fall harvest thing in little pieces. I wasn't in laundry mode. (Maybe that was the problem.) He picked berries and got eaten alive by mosquitos. And he tried to take a shower. He did manage the shower ... the problem was the towel. I didn't realize until he was done that there were no towels in the bathroom. I think they're kind of like socks. I have no clue where they go. I do know that I have a bunch of them. Alyx bought a nice new stock of them recently. Anyway ... when it dawned on me that there were no towels in the bathroom and that my guest had just come out of the shower ... one of those "oh criminy!" moments occurred. I was daring and asked him where he had found a towel. "There was a hand towel in there." No, Mom, I know better than that. So ... I have special towels.
How long do you think they'll last before a kid or two finds them ... and I never see them again?
11:03 pm. Off to pick up Alyx from work. I measured the mileage one day. I'm downright luck for having to make these travels at this time of night when the alarm rings at 5:15. A titch over 3 miles away. Not bad. Will take me longer to warm up the car than it will to pick her up if we don't solve our car situation soon.
By the way ... the truck is now parked next to Alyx's car. It's turning out to be a great week!


Heather said...

I want to come shopping!!! What is wrong with the truck?

Anonymous said...

:):) I have to chuckle at your story about Bronte - I can assure you he was NOT concerned about having to use the hand towel!! He's used to using what's handy here..I know how you feel tho', Anita I would feel the same way...too cute! You gotta love those sales, groaning at the checkbook after the fact is a normal thing I think. But you are right, what do you do? You'll be glad of it later:)~Pam

Anita said...

Injectors are all being replaced. :) Oh joy! I just say it's better this month than a couple of months ago. Injectors will be in on Tuesday and truck should be done on Thursday. Then, hopefully, we can move on to the next vehicle!