Thursday, October 1, 2009

Card making is just so much fun!

You can play with a few little scraps of paper and come up with such fun stuff! We had a card making evening last night at the church ... no Bible Class last evening. A bunch of us brought our stuff along and sat down to be creative. I had hit Target on the way home to see if I could find any fun things to add to the pile. Also needed some more white card stock which I got.

I didn't get any pictures of our creativity. Should have tried to do that .. was too much preoccupied otherwise. :) I didn't count the cards as I put them in a bag. Should have. There had to be at least 50 of them tho'. Was a good time!

I was watching the dark outside yesterday morning thinking that it hasn't taken long for the kids to be going to school in the dark. If, occasionally, there are puddles on the driveway the kiddos have to make sure they hug the left side of the driveway. Can't see anything so you guess at where the water might be. I've suggested taking a headlamp along ... but they haven't latched on to my idea. Doesn't mean they have to get on the bus with it!! Tuck it in the back pack when the you get down there, but at least you'll see where you're going. They must like the challenge.

Nothing wild and exciting going on around here, other than the mouse that ran in Alyx's room this morning. Are they coming in because it's getting chilly outside? Is that what mice do? Oreo will be busy today. Apparently it's time to relearn cold weather habits around here. #1 on the list might be closing the door to the mud room. The doggy door is probably now a mouse door instead!


Anonymous said...

teenagers are funny!! yeah, nobody has to see the headlamp if you take if off before you get on the bus!
Wish you would have taken a picture of some of the completed cards! I really need to get into making them...bought a baby shower card yesterday and the silly thing cost me almost 5 bucks! doesn't seem right!

Heather said...

The mice move in after you harvest your garden... more food for them :) We had a mouse and I'm hoping that the THREE cats we have will keep them down so another never moves in. When a mouse moves IN, I strongly contemplate moving OUT! I'm not empathetic enough to feel bad for them that it is cold outside... "YOUR A MOUSE, GET USED TO IT!"

Anonymous said...

We made 77 cards. I had to go count after I ready you post. Amber