Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still juggling

We're still doing the car juggle thing over here. Alyx spent the day in Anchorage at a College Fair yesterday and then got a ride to work. I really didn't feel like picking her up at 11:15 pm ... and she needed poster board, so Jari and I ran to get the poser board last night from Fred Meyer. Snow shoes?! Yup. The winter aisle is here. Someday I'd really like a pair of those things!

I forgot to add this one the other day when I added hockey pictures. This is Molly. She is a petite, cute as ever, little munchkin. She's the one who called me "Grandma" for the first time too. Her mom asked me if I minded. Heavens, no. Call me anything. I'm stacking up lines, wrinkles and inner tubes around my middle. Grandma works. Amber & Nolan came by the hospital yesterday to have lunch and I got sort of the same question. "Is this your grandbaby?"
It'll be a while!

Brock was home from school yesterday ... not feeling well. Last night I was laying my head on the pillow and bolted up after hearing that horrendous sound no one likes when flu season is around. I think Tia finally fell asleep. It was an "ah ha!" moment. So maybe she wasn't just plumb tired out from the weekend. She slept nonstop after school yesterday. I though it was a case of Marjanen Bears "Too Much Weekend". Maybe not.

I have kids to shag out of bed. They should certainly be able to wake up by themselves. They don't. 17 years down ... 6 more to go. I see the end of school mornings in site .. relatively speaking.

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