Friday, October 16, 2009


I don't known when I've been so thankful for a day called Friday. It has been a week from someplace I'm really not interested in being again for a while.

Kids home sick from school every other day. A call from school saying a kiddo is sick and needs to be picked up on the one day she did go to school. (At least I had a car that day and was able to pick her up!) Everytime someone is late for school or misses a class I get a call at home on the answering machine. Do you have any idea how many calls I got this week?! I am sick and tired of seeing Colony Middle/High School on my caller id. Enough is enough!

And the calls at work. From the kids. From the school. Why does anyone have my number??!!!! Just kidding. They need to call when they need to call. Yesterday it was a call from Brock. Alyx was driving and they got rear ended on the way to her work. The back bumper looks a bit off on the Tahoe ... will have that looked at. The car that hit her was a bit more munched. Anyway. I'm at work with no wheels. They have MY car. Alyx was having dizziness when she turned her head so was being brought to the ER by ambulance to have her c-spine checked. They were going to haul Brock in by ambulance as well because he was under age. WHAT?!? He didn't need any treatment so I verbally released him to drive my car to the hospital. Jari showed up at the time the ambulance was leaving. She is fine. They did x-rays ... the radiologist will read them today to double check them. She will be one sore girl for the next few days. Fred gave her a long neck and shoulder massage last night to loosen her up. It helped immensely!

She wanted to go to work so I dropped her off ... and she came home several hours later. I came home to go through box, with Jari, that arrived from Prescott. It felt like Christmas from Martta. This weekend I'll go through them more thoroughly and share some pictures. Made me chuckle many times. Thought of a presentation at Mother's Camp several years ago and our discussions afterward ... especially with Jeanette who is a dinnerware collector of sorts. How many dishes do I need? Apparently a lot of them. Time to start inviting folks over for coffee. Hauling out the linen napkins again ... and serving in coffee CUPS instead of MUGS.

Time for dinner cooking was running a bit late ... so the girls took a 4-wheeler ride to 3 Bears with Fred for some whipping cream. Whipping cream for dinner? Yes! On top of some Finnish pancakes and berries. Check out the rosey cheeks and noses. Aren't they just a sign of cold weather? And the smiles. Just have to love it ... they certainly do!
This morning I looked at the camera to download pictures. Hmmm. This wasn't on there when I went to bed last night. My Anna Banana must have been doing some math work after I went to bed!
I'll enjoy your Friday for you as well today! I aim to enjoy this weekend and thoroughly appreciate it ... every minute I play with cards ... every minute I play with wood ... every minute I scrub spots on the carpet ... every load of laundry I do ... every page of the book I'm currently reading. With every picture I share with you!


Anonymous said...

What is a c-spine? Looks like you have many days of checking boxes. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Brock and Alyx are okay. Can't believe how much she looks like Heini in the first picture. Sounds like you are keeping busy. So far we have been lucky, no sickness in this household, keeping our fingers crossed and our vitamins swallowed! Plenty of it going around this neck of the woods, though.

Anonymous said...

the pictures always make it seem much worse than it is hey? Glad she and Brock are okay! I'll be cleaning right along with you this weekend! Can't wait to see some pictures of some goodies you got from Martta!
Happy Friday:)

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD everyone is ok despite being sore~~ Give those two hugs from me!