Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday morning and off to work I go

Good way to end the week. :)

Brock got my plank of wood done for the bathroom. I painted it (don't like the paint job tho') and he hung it up for me. Forgot the hooks when I ran to the "hardware" store. He also finished sanding the table! Now where do I want to put it? Color depends on placement. Will figure it out and give Brock more projects to do. Next I'm going to have him work on benches for the mud room. I need to be able to use that room as it was intended. Cold weather entry where you leave your boots ... and quit using the front door for regular in and out business.

I love hands free cell phone usage. Jari went to prepare a Bible Class lesson last evening and I stayed home. Alyx was at work. Anna & Tia were off galavanting ... I really wanted to get at least one more thing done around here. Besides the fact that my head was just lifting off the napping pillow when he left. I think I finished the girls' walls last night. Will have to see what they look like in daylight. Now to hang things and make it fun.
Tonight a baby shower for Renae. Tomorrow evening a shindig for work. Tomorrow later evening maybe a cup of coffee out with friends. As much sewing and crafting as I can handle in the middle of it all!
You all have a great weekend!

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