Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday progress ...

A busy weekend at the homestead here. We had problems last winter with water lines freezing out to the cabin. Jari came up with a most ingenious way of thawing the water lines last winter, but it was very time consuming. Being as we have folks actually LIVING out there full time this year ... might be handy to have a water source. At least we thought so!

Jari checked on renting an excavator on Saturday. Everything is rented out until "freeze up". (Life up here in the digging zone!) He found this rig available in Palmer and drove it home. He and Fred started playing ....

at least that's what I called it! Water line is now deep in the ground ... tucked in with plenty of insulation. Let's hope and pray that it does the trick. Still have to put some more insulation around the base of the cabin, but don't need a rented machine to get that piece done. Whew! One more thing off the list!

While they were playing ... so was I. Countdown is on to the Craft Sale ... countdown to getting projects completed. A quickie trip to Jo-Ann's, a quickie house clean and then down to sewing Christmas stockings. Would have liked to get another two done but they'll have to wait until some other year.
This one still needs a bit of finishing stitching, but won't take long.

I think this one is my favorite.

Not at all what one would expect on a Christmas stocking ...

but a mix of a bit of primitive and just plain fun.

Another a bit on the vintage side ... and I'm a great fan of the vintage stuff.

... and just plain fun. I think I need to add some bling to the green dots. Probably some silver ribbon going on there. Just kind of goofy, but thanks to Crate & Barrel for the idea.

I sewed 'til midnight last night and realized that I need a separate sewing space. Well ... I don't NEED one, but would LIKE one. I do enjoy being in the middle of the hubub instead of hiding away somewhere. As much as I'd really enjoy the quiet of a good audio book and my own space, I do like being accessible to the kiddos and hubby. The days of audio books will be here all too quickly as I realized today. More on that later!


Anonymous said...

you must have had a quiet day today? I love the stockings!! I really need to get some cute stockings...maybe this year after christmas! Hopefully the lines to the cabin don't freeze this winter, and all their hard work pays off!
Happy Monday:)

Anonymous said...

Remember when our water line froze
in January the year Ivan was born?
Remained frozen until April or so!
It was buried deep but angled up to
the porch instead of a 90 degree
bend coming into porch so that's where it froze. Just wondering how they entered the cabin from the deep trench.

The stockings are beautiful. Where
will the craft sale be held?

Anita said...

Craft sale is being held at the Wasilla Senior Center on Saturday. Will see how it turns out being as it is a first time endeavour!

I don't know what angle the line takes going up into the cabin. I just hope it keeps from freezing!