Thursday, October 22, 2009

3:29 pm

  1. One last pan of pulla still to go into the oven and I've gone through 28 cups of flour!
  2. Samuli is in the kitchen .. his turn now! Looking forward to what comes out of the oven this time around.
  3. Anna missed the permit by one question. Bummer!! Will have to try again sometime soon.
  4. Note to self: find Anna's social security card. Can't get the permit without the actual card. I know it is someplace safe. (Scarey!)
  5. Laundry pile hasn't moved much of anywhere today. Really need to get down to that corner of the house.
  6. One paper pile is filed.
  7. The bill basket (in reality it holds nearly everything that needs my attention) is cleaned.
  8. The bill basket ... am thinking it should hold yarn instead. My attention might be much less distracted if it held yarn.
  9. Brock sanded a little table I picked up off Craig's List the other week.
  10. Next on his list ... he cut and sanded a plank of wood to hang hooks on for my bathroom.
  11. Still need to get some find sandpaper. Add to list.
  12. Have digested a few tracks of a book while sorting paper. These books are seriously overdue. Skip the latte ... pay library fines.
  13. 20 minutes of oven baking time and I can leave here and run some errands.
  14. Dinner? Oven is rather busy ... what to do about the eating situation here? Salmon chowder? We had salmon last night and have some left over.

Still to do:

  1. More laundry.
  2. Get sandpaper.
  3. Visit the AK Troopers and get the report on Alyx's accident. Insurance companies need to start doing their thing.
  4. Pay a few bills.
  5. Pick up a few hooks for my bathroom.
  6. Stop at Jo-Anns. Craft sale is in a week and I'm getting frantic.
  7. Finish Christmas stockings.
  8. Finish 6 Christmas cards.

All this TO DO stuff makes me want to take a nap!!

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