Thursday, October 22, 2009

Free Day!

I took the day off work today. I had great intentions of spending it by myself. Cleaning out paper, listening to an audio book and just puttering around here catching up on things. I was a bit dippy tho'. My goal was to get Anna to DMV today for a permit test and just get caught up on the things that are driving me crazy. It has been totally enjoyable to spend oodles of weekend hours crafting for the sale, but something always pays the price. You should see my paper pile.

Anyway ... I didn't check the kids' school calendar before I requested my day off. Guess who else is off today? Everyone!! They're off tomorrow as well ... I'm not. I won't be able to stay in my jammies all day, but that's okay. Need to go wake up Anna in a few minutes here and get her ready to make those brain waves shake a bit.

In the meantime, among other appointments like the chiropractor and my Tahoe into the shop, my goal is to put 30 cups of flour through my kitchen. That means 30 cups of flour from the flour containers into edible delicacies by the end of the day. I may have to revamp the goal. Brock tried using this grinder for me today to take care of the cardemom. Hmmm. Needs a bit more work than we thought! Had an idea to wash out the coffee grinder and just put the cardamom in there. Would be mighty fast. Do you think my pulla would taste like coffee or my coffee taste like pulla? Either way, it doesn't sound like the end of the world. Pulla dough is rising, bread machine is making another batch of bread dough ... we're on a roll. 22 cups of flour through my hands so far and it isn't 9a.m. yet.

Guess I'll just put my cherubs to work today instead of lounging around. If I can remember (seems to be a big problem lately for me) I'll pick up some silver polish and have Tia start polishing these treasures. They are a few of my prized possessions from Martta's treasures.

According to folks who pay attention to these kinds of details, the forecast has been calling for snow. Hmmm. The wind has been blowing nonstop. My porch is dusted with silt. Joy! The sky is cloudy, the temp in the greenhouse (which is pretty realistic ... need to move that today as well) says 40degrees out there today.

Going to be a great one! I'll let you know what we get done today. Anything that gets left behind can certainly wait for Saturday. Not like it's going anywhere anyway!

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