Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today, while the lasagne was baking, we took the camera outside. A chance to get some fun pictures before the weather cools too much and the snow flies. This is the young lady who is so often behind the camera lens ... filling the camera with unblievable photos.

This is her first year in High School.

She loves Amber's sewing machine ... isn't so thrilled with mine.

She loves little people and would really appreciate more opportunites to do some babysitting. (Jenny ... hustle up that move!)

She's a gentle soul who dreams of going to Finland to opisto. Aims for a career in healthcare later in life with flight nurse being somewhere in her life's plan.

Isn't she just beautiful? (No prejudice here. Nope. None. At. All.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of Anna!! and yes, the girls would love to be there for anna (and tia) to babysit them!! (i would too:) )

Annamarjanen said...

HAha. Thank you Mom and Jenny~!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Grabbed some for the Grandchildren file. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! Beautiful pictures! I miss you!